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Marketing MBA-565 quiz 3

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 In ________ marketing, the firm operates in several market segments and designs different products for each segment. (Points : 5)






2. In evaluating different market segments, the firm must look at two factors: the segment's overall attractiveness and ________. (Points : 5)

       company's objectives and resources

       the product to be sold

       the purchasing process

       competition's strategies

       the global nature of the product

3. In principle, business buyers seek to ________ in relation a market offering's costs. (Points : 5)

       spread risks

       obtain the highest benefit package

       maintain everyday low prices

       outsource as much as is possible

       eliminate partners' shares in profits as much as possible

4. ________ is composed of all parties who participate in the purchasing decision-making process and share common goals and risks associated with their decisions. (Points : 5)

       The buying center

       The marketing sales team

       Strategic management

       Engineering support

       The logistics center

5. All of the following are methods of assessing customer value EXCEPT ________. (Points : 5)

       direct survey questions

       exit interviewing

       focus-group value assessment

       conjoint analysis


6. Webster cautions that ultimately, ________ make purchasing decisions. (Points : 5)

       only senior managers

       individuals, not organizations,

       organizations, not individuals,

       third parties

       systems contractors

7. Johnson & Johnson broadened its target market for its baby shampoo to include adults through ________. (Points : 5)



       undifferentiated marketing

       product specialization

       single-segment concentration

8. If a market is segmented according to light, medium, and heavy product users, the marketer segmenting this market is using the ________ as the means to segment. (Points : 5)

       user status

       usage rate

       buyer-readiness stage



9. When buyers cannot easily monitor supplier performance, the supplier might shirk or cheat and not deliver the expected value. ________ is "some form of cheating or undersupply relative to an implicit or explicit contract." (Points : 5)

       Institutional sale


       Business buying

       Vertical integration

       Contractual transactionism

10. Many business buyers prefer to buy a total solution to a problem from one seller. ________ is the correct term for this process. (Points : 5)

       Channel consolidation

       Systems buying

       Vertical buying

       Horizontal buying

       Supply buying

11. The total demand for many business goods and services is ________ —that is, not much affected by price changes. (Points : 5)






12. Business markets differ significantly consumer markets in that business markets possess all of the following characteristics EXCEPT ________. (Points : 5)

       fewer, larger buyers

       close supplier-customer relationship

       professional purchasing

       inverted demand

       multiple sales calls

13. In the proposal solicitation process, ________ should be marketing documents that describe value and benefits in customer terms. (Points : 5)

       written proposals

       oral proposals


       alliance proposals

       global proposals

14. A company can be said to have used ________ if the company distinguished among customers buying on the basis of price, service, and quality. (Points : 5)



       strategic segmentation

       global segmentation

       short-term segmentation

15. ________ is a key industrial marketing strategy in bidding to build large-scale industrial products (e.g., dams, pipelines, et cetera). (Points : 5)

       Systems contracting

       Systems buying

       Systems selling

       Solutions buying

       Turnkey logistics

16. According to the ________ criterion for useful market segments, a segment should be the largest possible homogenous group worth going after with a tailored marketing program. (Points : 5)






17. A marketer is interested in segmenting a business market based on technology and customer capabilities. Which of the following major segmentation variables would most likely be used by the marketer to assist with the task? (Points : 5)

       Demographic variables

       Purchasing approaches

       Situational factors

       Personal characteristics

       Operating variables

18. The purchasing department buys office supplies on a routine basis. This type of purchase is classified as a ________. (Points : 5)

       straight rebuy

       modified rebuy

       new task

       secondary purchase

       preordained purchase

19. If a marketing manager observes that his or her market shows no natural segments and consumers seem to have roughly the same preferences, the marketing manager will most likely be faced with a ________ preferences pattern. (Points : 5)






20. Marketers usually identify niches by ________. (Points : 5)

       dividing a segment into subsegments

       conducting VALS tests

       allowing consumers to gravitate toward product brands

       examining the demographics section of The Handbook of Marketing

       producing products that can be used in a variety of ways

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[Solved] Marketing MBA-565 quiz 3

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