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PROJ592 Proj Cost Schedule Control Week 3 Quizzes Versions
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PROJ592 Proj Cost Schedule Control Week 3Quizzes Version 1-2-3

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PROJ592 Proj Cost Schedule Control Week 3 Quizzes Versions
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PROJ 592 Project Cost and Schedule Control PROJ 592 Week 3 Quiz (Version 1) 1. Question : (TCO B) Three-point estimate: The SuperFlyer Corporation is developing a revolutionary flying disc. The new toy can fly straight over a great distance, which is exciting by itself. However, this disc will also return to the owner in response to their voice! Because this is an advance over anything that this company has done before, estimating the amount and cost of the hi-tech materials are difficult. The project manager recommends using a range estimating process to develop an estimate. The values below are submitted by the project team. Current estimates for cost of material are as follows: 3. Question : (TCO B) You have been requested to provide a contingency estimate for a project involving the manufacturing of a new television. You are provided with the following component and labor estimates, together with the type of estimate:............................. 4. Question : (TCO A) We are now in week 3 and have only discussed the plan. It is as if we will never get to work and make this project happen. Why are we taking so much time to develop the project plan, and how does that fit with monitoring and control? For full credit you must provide specific reasons and justifications, not just generalities. 5. Question : (TCO A) An environmental consulting firm has been hired to clean up contaminated groundwater beneath the site of a former chemical factory. The clean-up design process consists of evaluating several alternatives, preparing a conceptual design for the m...
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