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MGT101 ASSIGNMENT 2 | Complete Solution
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                                    ASSIGNMENT 2 (MGT101)


Q.1.Identify at least four forces in the general environment of organizations and provide an example of each for an industry or business. How do these forces differ from the external stakeholders in the task environment? 

Q.2.Define the components of the acronym SMART in goal setting. Provide an example of a SMART goal and demonstrate that it meets all criteria. 

Q.3.What is MBO? Describe the process by which MBO is done as well as its purpose. 

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MGT101 ASSIGNMENT 2 | Complete Solution
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"environment" to some degree the accentuation in this book by and large will be on dissecting and reacting to this portion of nature. The most essential components in the wide "environment" as it identifies with a ...
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