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IS520 Relational Database Management | Complete Solution
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IS520 Relational Database Management

Term Project Grading Rubric
As indicated in the project description, each team will prepare a written and oral presentation of their project designed to explain the design of each of the systems to individuals that will be using the system. The written presentation will be written using APA standards and will contain

(1) a description of the company for whom you are designing the database;

(2) the specific division/section of the company that is requesting the database design;

(3) identify the entity types that are required to develop the database;

(4) provide the naming conventions that will be used in the design;

(5) identify all relationships that will be required between entities;

(6) determine and list all constraints that each of the entities will require;

(7) normalize the database to, at least, 3NF preferably BCNF;

(8) provide a copy of the final ERD developed in ERwin;

(9) provide the scripts forward engineered from ERwin; and, finally, (10) some sample data input screens and reports.

The project will be graded according to the following rubric:
• Description of all entities, relationships, etc.    20%
• Normalized database tables    15%
• Final ERD developed in ERwin, ERwin scripts, etc.    15%
• Sample input screens and reports    15%
• Writing style (according to APA Standards)    15%
• Oral Presentation    20%
The oral portion of the project will be graded using Big Blue Button. Instructions for using this tool are posted in the Course Resources on Moodle.

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IS520 Relational Database Management | Complete Solution
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