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MGMT2100 – Assignment #2: Graphical and Numerical Descriptive Statistics | Complete Solution
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MGMT2100 – Assignment #2: Graphical and Numerical Descriptive Statistics
Due Monday 1/26

General Instructions:
•    For this assignment you will practice using descriptive statistics to help a fitness equipment company better understand their customers.
•    Purpose of assignment:
o    Practice generating summary tables, histograms, and descriptive statistics for selected variables from a data file
o    Practice drawing conclusions from descriptive statistics and communicating them in a professional manner
•    This is an individual assignment

This assignment is worth 50 points. To earn full points for each component your work must be complete, clear, and accurate.
Component    Points
Summary tables    10
Distribution tables    10
Histograms    10
Quality of conclusions in memo/report    8
Tables and graphs included in memo/report    6
Professional presentation of memo/report    6

Assignment Tasks:
This assignment is based on the CardioGood Fitness Case, Chapter 2 (page 83) section. The data for the case is stored in the attached spreadsheet file (CardioGoodFitness.xlsx). Please read the text of the case in the textbook and then perform the following tasks:

1.    Create two summary tables (similar to table 2.2 on p. 38), one for product TM195 and one for product TM498. The tables should display the percentages of purchasers of the product for each fitness level (1-5).

2.    For product TM195 and TM498 create a distribution table that displays frequency and percentage for average number of miles the customer expects to run/walk each week. Then, create histograms from the distribution tables. (To recap, for each product you will be creating a distribution table and a histogram. So, you will be creating a total of two distribution tables and two histograms).

3.    Write a business memo/report comparing and contrasting customers purchasing product TM195 with product TM498. Include the tables and graphs you created in the memo/report and refer to them for evidence as you compare and contrast the customers. (Please limit your analysis to the variables we have addressed in this assignment: fitness and miles. That is, you do not need to comment on the other variables in the data file.)

Assignment Deliverables:
Blackboard: Please turn in a spreadsheet with your original tables and graphs, and a document with your memo/report (with pasted tables and graphs). For both files, please include your first and last name somewhere in the filename. For example, you might name your memo/report document something like “mark_haney_assign_2_report.docx”.
Hard-Copy: Please turn in hard copies of your report, and of your spreadsheet work, with formulas displayed (We will discuss in class how to prepare the spreadsheet printouts to show formulas).

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MGMT2100 – Assignment #2: Graphical and Numerical Descriptive Statistics | Complete Solution
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From the above outputs for the two products types we can see that most of the customers have fitness level 3 for bo...
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