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Maths Week 5 | Complete Solution
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Option #1: Counting Principles #1

Write a paper that adheres to the Written Assignment Requirements in the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements. In addition, the items noted in the Good Writing Tips section should be observed.

Your paper should contain a title page, an introduction, a body, a conclusion, and possibly a list of references. The introduction should provide background information about your paper topic, and it should state what your paper will address. It often states the main idea or purpose of the paper in what is termed a thesis statement.

The body of your paper details your methodology, findings, and/or the results of analysis. APA requires that tables, figures, and calculations/formulas used in your paper appear in the paper body.

The conclusion is where we summarize our findings, state other conclusions, relay personal experiences, and sometimes discuss the “take-home” messages associated with our work. As with many written assignments, in-text citations and a reference page are often included.

Be sure to describe or define the Fundamental Counting Principle, combinations, and permutations in your paper introduction. Include detailed calculations and solutions in the body of your paper. 

In your paper, answer the following three questions:

Question #1
How many unique types of pizza can you create when allowed to choose two of seven types of meats, two of eight types of vegetables, one of two types of sauces, and one of three types of crusts?

Question #2
A bowl of candy contains many pieces of candy but only six different types of candy. How many ways can three pieces of candy be removed from the bowl? Assume you can remove one or more pieces of the same type of candy.

Question #3
A basketball team has sixteen women on the roster.  In how many ways can the coach choose a roster consisting of five different positions?

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Maths Week 5 | Complete Solution
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