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LDR 531 Week 3 Quiz

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LDR/531 Week 3 Quiz / (27 /27 Right)

1 When ________ is of importance in decision making, group decisions are preferred to individual decisions.

    clear responsibility
    acceptance of solution


2 Shirley Shands is a hard worker but Debra, her manager, is irritated with her. While Debra concedes that Shirley’s work gives her no cause for complaint, Debra is tired of the interruptions in her work because of Shirley asking for repeated clarifications over what exactly she has to say in e-mails or phone calls. She often requests Debra to proofread her e-mails before sending them, and Debra feels she sends too many e-mails instead of just speaking to the person concerned. From the scenario, we can conclude that ________.

    Shirley uses filtering when communicating with Debra
    Debra is engaging in social loafing
    Shirley suffers from communication apprehension
    Shirley and Debra come from a high-context culture


3 ________ is defined as a phenomenon in which the norm for consensus overrides the realistic appraisal of alternative courses of action.

    In-group favoritism
    Social loafing

4 Which of the following is a unique advantage of lateral communication?

    Lateral communication helps in the transmission of ideas and information.
    Lateral communication occurring with management’s knowledge and support can be beneficial even if it does not follow the formal vertical structure.
    Lateral communication facilitates emotional expression, enhances motivation, and helps the organization control its employees effectively.
    Lateral communication facilitates coordination at the intradepartmental level.


5 Which of the following statements is true regarding conflict?

    The smaller the group, the greater the likelihood of conflict.
    Diversity of goals among groups is a major source of conflict.
    The less specialized the activities of the group, the greater the likelihood of conflict.
    People low in the personality traits of disagreeableness, neuroticism, or self-monitoring are more likely to engage in a conflict.

6 A collectivist Chinese manager is most likely to use which of the following techniques for conflict management?

    Authoritative command
    Direct confrontation

7 Peter is working on a project. He feels that the parameters need to be changed to meet client specifications. First, he must talk to his immediate supervisor, who will then discuss the issue with her department director before any change can be implemented. Peter is most likely to be a part of the ________ type of small-group communication networks.

    star network
    chain network
    mesh network
    all-channel network

 8 Matt works as a sales representative at Tandem Industries which manufactures and sells bicycles. He is the best salesperson on the floor, but he also receives the highest number of customer complaints for late deliveries. Which of the following, if true, best explains this situation?

    The company’s sales and logistics functions are tightly integrated.
    The company uses enterprise solutions to manage inventory.
    The company keeps inventory levels low in order to reduce costs.
    The company’s manufacturing facility is functioning at optimum capacity.


9 The ________ view of conflict focuses on productive resolution of conflicts.



10 The time attendance system in the production division at MM, an automobile manufacturing company, was malfunctioning. Consequently, Greg Hill, one of the front-level managers sent it for repair. In the meantime, he placed a register where all workers of the production division had to provide their time of entry and exit from the office. At the end of the week, when looking through the time logs, he had certain concerns about a group of employees. In the next week, he personally tracked the time this group of employees spent working and realized that they were reporting a greater number of working hours than they actually worked. This group engaged in a barrier to communication called

    communication apprehension


11 To retain its edge in the organic health food market, Natura has established a high-priority team comprised of senior executives from the company’s production, marketing, and research divisions. These employees work together closely to study consumer attitudes about organic health foods and come up with a closely monitored development and marketing strategy for new products. This ensures that each division is informed of the specific needs, timelines, and expected outcomes of the strategy. It also makes Natura a company that adapts to changes in market trends swiftly. The team Natura uses here is of the ________ type.

    self-managed work

12 When ________, the result is role conflict.

    compliance with one role requirement may make it difficult to comply with another
    compliance with the group is marked by a tendency to notice and emphasize those aspects of the group that are distinctive
    compliance with the group is an attempt to understand who we are and how we fit into the world
    compliance with one role aids our performance in another role

13 Most people assume that a police officer should behave in a lawful manner, refrain from demonstrating favoritism to any particular group, and do his or her best to uphold the law. Which of the following terms best represents these beliefs?

    Role expectation
    Dispersion of responsibility

14 Genepa Corporation manufactures home appliances and other electronic products. Genepa is planning to introduce a new refrigerator model. The marketing manager at Genepa has developed a marketing plan for this new product and wants to communicate this plan to all the employees in the marketing department. Which of the following is most likely to be the best form of communication for communicating this plan?

    Nonverbal communication
    Grapevine communication
    Oral communication
    Written communication

15 Synergy Inc. has recently assigned some of its best employees to form a cross-functional team and complete a project from a new client. Many of the employees on this team are apprehensive about the structure and dynamics of how they will function as a group and accomplish this goal. To energize the employees, their immediate manager is holding a meeting with them next week where he will provide them some additional training in strategies and methods that may work well for the team. The manager’s initiative to hold this meeting fulfills the ________ function of communication

    emotional expression

16 As a consequence of the information circulated by the grapevine in an organization, employees experience

    increased member satisfaction
    increased certainty
    increased anxiety
    increased power

17 Which of the following terms best describes the process that occurs when two or more parties decide how to allocate scarce resources?


18 Janice Cooper has recently joined a hospital as a part of the internship program prescribed by the nursing school she attends. Janice, who was inspired to take up this profession by the story of Florence Nightingale, had very strong ideals about how she should behave as a nurse. She felt that as a nurse, she must be gentle, pleasant, and caring at all times so she could serve her patients well, and she often went to great lengths as an intern by putting in extra hours at the hospital and so on. The scenario reflects Janice’s

    role fuzziness
    role perception
    role conflict
    role ambiguity


19  ________ teams are defined as groups of employees who perform highly related or interdependent jobs and take on many of the responsibilities of their former supervisors.

    Self-managed work


Which of the following forms of communication is characterized by the use of only body movements, intonations, facial expressions, and physical distance to communicate?

    Downward communication
    Written communication
    Nonverbal communication
    Lateral communication

21 Jordan is a sales officer who has been underperforming over the last three months. At the last monthly operations cycle meeting, he was given a warning. As the time for the next meeting draws close, Jordan fears his boss reprimanding him. Two days before the meeting, Jordan informs his manager that he has confirmed six deals in the last few days, one of which involves multiple orders for their machines. He, however, skips the detail that these are the only six orders he has been able to obtain in the whole month. Which one of the barriers to effective communication is depicted here?

    Information overload


22 With reference to the team effectiveness model, which of the following is one of the key components of an effective team, included under the category of contextual factors?

    Team efficacy
    Social loafing
    Climate of trust
    Common purpose


23 The two general approaches to negotiation are ________ bargaining and ________ bargaining.

    formal; informal
    distributive; integrative
    emotional; rational

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