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Ten questions on Socially Responsibility and Business Ethics

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Ten questions on Socially Responsibility and Business Ethics

Q1. Define social responsibility.

Q2. List the three main reasons for government regulation of businesses.

Q3. Explain the purpose of consumer protection laws.

Q4. Define organizational ethics and briefly explain their importance.

Q5. Identify and describe the six principles for organizations to become an employer of choice.

Q6. - Define what strategic philanthropy is and why it is important.

Q7. - Discuss technology’s influence on society as well as the pros and cons.

Q8. - Explain the role of business in a global environment as it relates to social responsibility.

Q9. Explain how a business can be socially responsible and why it is important.

Q10. - Discuss the key to implementing a successful strategic philanthropic program.

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[Solved] Ten questions on Socially Responsibility and Business Ethics

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Ten questions on Socially Responsibility and Business Ethics

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