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Social Responsibility and Business Ethics
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Chapter:- Social Responsibility and Business Ethics


Question:-1.   What do you mean by social responsibility of business.

Question :- 2   “There is a strong case for assumption of social responsibility by business” Comment.


Question:-   What arguments will you advance in favor of business assuming social responsibility?

Question:-3    Mention a business  firms’ s  social responsibility towards shareholders, employers and consumers.

Question:- 4   How is social responsibility different from legal responsibility?

Question:-5   Briefly explain social responsibility of business towards government and general public.

Question:- 6   What is business ethics?

Question:- 7   Give any two examples of unethical business practices.

Question:- 8   How is ethics different from law?

Question:- 9   What are the elements of business ethics?




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Social Responsibility and Business Ethics
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