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AC Models Week 6 | 100% Correct Solution
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AC Models


1.     Use Multisim and construct the circuit shown in Figure 1 below.  Measure VB, IE and VC. Check your input signal with the oscilloscope to make sure you have correct amplitude, frequency value and frequency type.


Note: your are required to use Agilent function generator to set your ac voltage and Tektronix Oscilloscope to measure any ac voltage and Agilent multimeter to measure all your DC values.

2.      Download the “Lab 6 troubleshooting” file and perform analysis for the circuits to locate the fault embedded in the circuit..


3.      Step by step measure the key point’s value with Tektronix Oscilloscope and Agilent multimeter. Carefully analyse each measure value to locate the fault within the circuits.  Fix the fault and with the corrected fault in the newly circuit, measure and record the new values by the strictly mentioned equipment in step A above.


4.    In details, discuss how you came to decision about the fault which you found.

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$ 24.00
AC Models Week 6 | 100% Correct Solution
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Taking Value in function generator Vin = 50...
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