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COM/ 339 Week Two Team Assignment
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this is a team assignment therefore only one section will need to be completed, in this case please complet the highlited part below. The team has chosen the print media highlighted below. Newspaper and Magazine.


Choose two of the following types of current print media:

  • Magazine- PEOPLE
  • Book publisher

Research the history of the media types your team selected. Include the following information in your presentation:

  • Notable founders and parent organizations of the media types
  • Notable historical dates
    • Dates of mergers with other newspapers, magazines, or publishers to form a large media conglomerate
    • Date the media types launched their websites, became active on the Internet, or became active in social media integration
  • Identify past, present, and future challenges confronting these types of media. Which type is best suited to adapt to the future?
  • How do these challenges affect advertising in the organizations—outside companies advertising—and advertising for these media—companies promoting themselves to others? What innovative advertising strategies have these companies engaged in?
  • What are two similarities and two differences between the types you selected?

Present your Print Media Presentation.

  • For Online and Directed Study students, these are 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations with notes.
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COM/ 339 Week Two Team Assignment
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