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Communication/339 Discussion questions

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Answer each question with about 150-200 words only. Do not use any references.

1. Does media control advertisers or do advertisers control media? Should consumers be allowed to control the advertisements they receive? What ethical dilemmas does media control present? Provide examples

 Some may not have realized this, but when you shop, you often leave traces of your purchasing behavior in store scanning data, catalog and Internet purchase records, and customer databases.

Marketers may learn much after analyzing such data. Customers' purchases reflect their preferences and often are more reliable than their statements to researchers. People often report preferences for popular brands, yet they actually buy other brands. American Airlines, for example, can analyze ticket purchase records to obtain useful information about passengers.

Typically, the majority of businesses that can afford to invest in this type of research have a pretty sizeable marketing budget. These are Fortune 500 companies and others that earn significant revenue. Smaller businesses cannot afford such a luxury.

 2.  With this challenge in mind, how can a smaller company still effectively track customer behavior, preferences and other similar data to stay competitive?

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[Solved] Communication/339 Discussion questions

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