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BEH 225 Week 9 Final ProjectInterview Profile

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Resources: pp. 176-182 in Ch. 5; pp. 187-200 in Ch. 6; pp. 259-286 in Ch. 9; pp. 353-358 in Ch. 10; and pp. 463-471 in Ch. 14 of Understanding Psychology;Appendix A. Sample Interview outline.

Submit your Interview Profile. You have  chosen a person who is close to your own age, and interviewed that person to learn more about them. In addition to the interview, you were to compare and contrast the responses from your interviewee with your own responses to the same questions. You must report your findings in an informative-APA Styled 1,400- to 1,750-word paper, and include the following elements:

I. Description of interviewee:

    Age, Gender, Ethnicity, Relationship
    Socioeconomic status, marital status, type of employment.
    Interviewee has giving permission to conduct the interview.

II. List of interview categories/headings that drive appropriate questions:

    Memory and Learning Processes
    Cognition and Problem Solving Processes
    Myers/Briggs results & interpretation as to accuracy
    Effects of gender and culture on emotions
    Influences on Attitude: Genetic/environmental or both with examples
    Personality: Influences of Race, Gender and Ethnicity on Personality
    Past experiences impacting personality development


Continued Below-

The following is a brief example of the types of questions you should be formulating:


·         Does the interviewee remember information more accurately if he or she observes the behavior being performed or does he or she prefer to read how the behavior is performed?

·         Does the interviewee prefer studying in a library, or at home where there are background noises and some distractions?

·         Has the person you are interviewing taken the Myers Briggs test? Report the results.

·         Does the interviewee think these results are accurate? Why or why not?

·         Which experiences does this person think contributed most in the development of his or her personality?

·         Does this person feel that he or she is self-monitoring in regards to his or her attitudes? How or how not?

·         What does the interviewee feel was the strongest influence on his or her attitudes?

·         What role does your interviewee think a person’s race, gender, or ethnicity play when forming that person’s personality and attitudes?

·         Does this person feel he or she is better at tasks when intrinsically motivated or extrinsically motivated?

Remember: Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines (Title Page, Introduction, Headings, Conclusion and Reference page. Be sure to include in-text citations using your resources from your reference page).

Post as an attachment.

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[Solved] BEH 225 Week 9 Final ProjectInterview Profile

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