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BUS 330 Week 1 DQ 2 Products and Services
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DQ 2 Products and Services.

It can be harder to sell an intangible service than a tangible product. After reading Chapter 3 of the text, pick one of the cells in Table 3.4: “Service Classifications” and name a service offered in that class—for example, business remodeling service under consulting and operations. In 200 to 250 words, describe a service in your chosen category in terms of the four ways a service is different from a product—its intangibility, inseparability, variability, and perishability. Propose a solution for sale that could be used as a point of competitive differentiation in a marketing campaign.

Guided Response:

Review several of your peers’ posts. Respond to at least two of your peers and provide recommendations to extend their thinking. Challenge your peers by asking a question that may cause them to rethink the differences between services and products.

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BUS 330 Week 1 DQ 2 Products and Services
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