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CS-4337.0u1 Prolog Programming Assignment | Complete Solution

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Prolog Programming Assignment

Define and test the Prolog predicates described below. Each of your predicates must
have the same name and signature as the examples below. In Prolog, predicate profiles
are indicated with the number of parameters that they take, e.g. sort/2 is a predicatenamed “sort” that takes 2 parameters.

Your predicates must behave properly on all instances of valid input types.

Your submission should consist of a single source code text file that includes all facts,
predicate definitions, propositions, and rules. Your file must be named, then subsequently archived using zip, gzip, or tar and named
your_net_id.archive_extension. For example, or cid021000.tar.
You may find additional Prolog language help at the following links:
• SWI-Prolog manual
• SWI-Prolog documentation
• Learn Prolog Now!

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[Solved] CS-4337.0u1 Prolog Programming Assignment | Complete Solution

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CS-4337.0u1 Prolog Programming Assignment | Complete Solution

This Tutorial is rated A+ previously,if you have any questions regarding this tutorial then you can contact me....

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