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IT301 Unit 2 Assignment | Complete Solution
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Assignment 1 Grading Rubric

Course: IT301 Unit: 2 Points: 55

Unit 2 Assignment

Outcomes addressed in this activity:

Unit Outcomes:
Develop a project scope statement.
Develop a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for a project.

Course Outcomes:
IT301-2: Create project artifacts to effectively establish project management triple constraints.
New Project Documentation

Assignment Instructions:
When creating the documentation for a new project, project managers often review templates and completed documentation from previous projects to find information which can be used as a starting point and then be revised for use in the new project. Project managers gain knowledge and insight from this review to use in project planning such as standard information gathered and examples to use as a basis. The project charter guides and defines a project from the start. Use the templates provided in the Project Management in Doc Sharing to complete the Project Charter and Work Breakdown Structure assignments

Your Assignment consists of two parts:
Create a draft project charter for your sponsor’s signature, using the ISA project charter as an example. For your project charter, use your imagination and write about one of the following project types: 1. a home-improvement project, 2. a gardening project, 3. a website creation project, 4. a corporate office move of several departments of workers from one building to another located in the same city, 5. a family vacation, 6. a wedding, or 7. another project to be approved by the professor. Choose a project you are familiar with as this knowledge will help you in the planning process. For creating your draft charter, fill in the Project Charter worksheet template (in Doc Sharing, located in Project Management Check your filled-in Project Charter worksheet template against the grading criteria to make sure you have included everything.

Part Two: Using what you have learned from the texts, the websites and the PMBOK Guide, and what you understand from the given WBS at tracked level and the fully decomposed Work Breakdown Structure complete the Assignment for Part 2 by developing a fully decomposed Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for your new project (home-improvement, gardening, website creation, corporate office move, family vacation, wedding, or other approved project). Identify your Level 1 task with the name of your project and create a WBS for it which includes the required work packages. Your WBS should follow the template provided and contain all the work packages and activities to deliver the project.

Directions for Submitting your Assignment
Compose your Assignment in a Microsoft Word® document and save it as Username-IT301 Assignment-Unit#.doc (Example: TAllen- IT301_Assignment-Unit2.doc). Submit your file by selecting the Unit 2: Assignment Dropbox by the end of Unit 2.

Written work should be free of spelling, grammar, and APA errors. Points deducted from the grade for each writing, spelling, or grammar error are at your instructor’s discretion.
Please be sure to download the file “Writing Center Resources” from Doc Sharing to assist you with meeting APA expectations.
Review the grading rubric below before beginning this activity.
Assignment grading rubric = 55 points
Assignment Requirements
Points Possible
Points Earned
Assignment Part 1 : Tool Development (Charter)
1. There is a comprehensive and understandable statement of the overall project purpose.
2. Specific management objectives for the project are stated.
3. The project manager is identified with a description of the PM’s general responsibilities.
4. The extent of and limits to the project manager’s authority are identified.
5. There is a description of known assumptions.
6. There is a description of known constraints.
7. There is an expected completion time.
Assignment Part 2: Tool Development (Work Breakdown Structure)
8. The deliverables are identified.
9. There is the correct number of levels to reflect the scope of the project. Work packages are defined.
10. Deliverables align with work packages.
11. The WBS contains closing activities

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IT301 Unit 2 Assignment | Complete Solution
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I. He will be responsible for explicitly stating the scope within which the project will operate. II. He will be expected to draft a clear plan of the scope. III. He will outline each activi...
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