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INF 220 Final Papers
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INF 220 Final Papers     

Q1. How are information systems transforming business and what is their relationship to globalization?

Q2. -Why are information systems so essential for running and managing a business today?

Q3. -What exactly is an information system? How does it work? What are its people, organization, and technology components?

Q4. -How will a four-step method for business problem solving help you solve information system-relations problems?

Q5. -Identify and describe the major features of a business that are important for understanding the role of information systems.

Q6.- Describe the information systems supporting the major business functions: sales and marketing, manufacturing and production, finance and accounting, and human resources.

Q7. -How will information systems affect business careers and what information systems skills and knowledge are essential?

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INF 220 Final Papers
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