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Assignment 3 Systems Analysis and Design | Complete Solution

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Assignment 3 Systems Analysis and Design
Complete the following:

1. Consider the system sequence diagrams shown in Figure 5-6 then 5-8 and 5-9, the SSD showing customer account associative entity. Does this model limit a customer to enroll in more than one account at a time? Does the model allow an account to contain more than one customer? Does the model allow a customer to enroll in several acounts of the same type at the same time? Does the model store information about all accounts for all customers? Does the model store information about all customers of same account type?

2. Again consider the system sequence diagram shown in Figure 5-10. Add the following to the diagram and list any assumptions you had to make. For example, consider --- addBackOrderstatus, addSalestax, addDiscounts(if any),addShipdate, addCustomeraddress, addCustomerphone(etc) to sale. After completion, review what is input and output. Note if SSD is a good model for valuing input and output information.

3. Complete all ODD review problems listed on page 144-145. Do not write the question simply respond with your answer. Below are the odd questions:

What are the models that describe use cases in more detail?
Which part of a use case description can also be modeled by using an activity diagram?
List the parts or compartments of a fully developed use case description.
Compare/ contrast postcondition and exception condition.
What is the purpose of an SSD? What symbols are used in an SSD?
Write a complete SSD message from the actor to the system, with the actor asking the system to begin the process for updating information about a specific product.
What are the two ways to show a returned value on a sequence diagram?
What are the three types of frames used on a sequence diagram?
What are the parameters of a message?
What is an object state?
When considering requirements, state and state transitions are important for understanding which other diagram?
List the elements that make up a transition description. Which elements are optional?
What is meant by the term path?
Identify the models explained in this chapter and their relationship to one another.

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[Solved] Assignment 3 Systems Analysis and Design | Complete Solution 2

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This tutorial is rat...

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