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Unit 2 Discussion 1: File Managers | Complete Solution

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Unit 2 Discussion 1: File Managers 

There are three main types of file managers used in different distributions of Linux. Orthodox file managers or "Commander-like" file managers have three windows (two panels and one command line window).

The second type is the navigational file manager representing the most common type of file manager available today. The third type of file manager is a spatial file manager which presents files and folders as if they were real objects.

To provide an insight into the quality of software that is available, you will research high-quality, free Linux file managers. Hopefully, you will discover something of interest for anyone who wishes to have more control over managing their files.

Visit the web article 14 of the Best Free Linux File Managers ( as a place to begin researching these utilities. Then go explore the 14 file managers that are available.

In your discussion post:

  • Describe four of the file managers from the web article provided above. Include a screenshot of the software in action, a full description with an in-depth analysis of its features, and links to relevant resources and reviews. Cite any sources you use in APA format; this includes sources for any screenshots that are not your own.
  • If you notice that your peers have not covered a specific file manager, please use this as a place to begin your research. As a class, we should be able to cover all 14 through everyone’s contributions to the discussion forum.

Please be aware that part of your grade for all Discussion Forums is based on whether you use/cite Sources in answering the original question. (This is worth 10% of your Discussion grade.) Please do some online research for this topic and list references to websites you use in learning about these topics. (Please see the Discussion Participation Policies in the Online Policies and Procedures resources block in Moodle for more info.) Also, please cite your sources and be careful to not plagiarize your answer. (See the News Post I made during Week 1 about how to avoid plagiarism.) (All text taken from sources must be in "quotes".)

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[Solved] Unit 2 Discussion 1: File Managers | Complete Solution

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Linux File Managers PCMan File Manager: this is a file manager with a tabbed user interface. The application was created with the...
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