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BIOL 101 quiz 8 complete solution correct answer key
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Liberty University BIOL 101 quiz 8 complete solutions correct answers key

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All members of species Globigerina bulloides belong to the large "Group" known as

The phytoplankton of a lake would be found in highest numbers in the ________ zone.

At which of the following levels of organization can the Peaks of Otter salamander be studied?

The large eukaryote, Amoeba proteus belongs to the large "Group" Amoebozoa because

Studying competition between the Peaks of Otter salamander and the Eastern Redback salamander would be an example of studying ecology at the _______ level.

Which of the following is one of the seven basic characteristics used to classify living things?

Which of the following choices names one of the various zones found in a lake?

The large eukaryote, Zonotrichia leucophrys belongs to the large "Group" Opisthokonta because it

Because man is warm-blooded, has a double circulation, gets early nutrition from a placenta and has hair he finds himself in

Which of the following is a problem that confounds attempts to organize the entire living world for study?

The state of flux in modern systematic groupings could best be described as/seen in

The molecular structure of both water and ice is critical to the survival of lake life forms. All life in a lake would die in winter if

Which of the following is one of seven basic characteristics used to classify living things?

Which one of the following is not included among the seven basic characteristics used to classify living things?

The microbe, Pyrodictium occultum belongs to the large "Group" Archaea because it

During the springtime, a light wind blowing across a lake will foster the process of lake overturn. This timely event will bring together ___________ with _____________.

The diatom, Ellerbeckia arenaria belongs to the large "Group" Stramenopiles because it

Which of the following choices reflects a currently accepted classification scheme resulting from the state of flux in which modern systematic groupings exist?

Because man has five digits including an opposable thumb and is a more highly visual organism he finds himself in

Which of the following is a problem that confounds attempts to organize the entire living world for study?

Characteristics chosen for the classification of living things at the highest levels of organization

Attempts to organize the entire living world for study are confounded by

When a student evaluates a forest area for the changes in number of Peaks of Otter salamander over time she is studying ecology at the level of the

An evolutionary theorist believes that large groups of organisms are related to each other by _________ while a design theorist believes that such groups are related to each other in _________ .

Species of organisms are collected into a Genus by

The mark-recapture method uses the following steps (in the correct order!) to estimate population size.

The functional role of a species within its habitat is referred to as its

In a producer species, the difference between gross and net primary productivity is largely an amount of energy that

A primary consumer or herbivore is an organism that feeds on

Interspecific competition is defined as

Yellow-jackets or hornets typically exhibit which of the following recognized classes of population distribution pattern?

A typical evolutionary explanation for why human beings die focuses on

Young Balanus barnacles cannot compete with Chthamalus barnacles in higher intertidal regions because

The total amount of energy captured from the sun by the producers in an ecosystem is called the

Increased hypertension (high blood pressure) in aging individuals is thought to result from

The barnacle populations Balanus and Chthamalus compete interspecifically

Japanese fishermen experienced various disease states and death as a result of the biomagnification of

A raging forest fire is a ________factor that affect the size of a population.

Baleen whales use _______ to prey on herring fish.

Maintaining the ends of chromosomes, such that they can be efficiently distributed to daughter cells during cell reproduction is the work of

A good example of commensalism would be the relationship between

The accepted Biblical reason for why human beings die is that

Which of the following theories of aging is the most complete in its explanation of scientific data from aging experiments in animals?

The process known as cell senescence is used to explain how cells eventually

If the estimated number of organisms in a population for a given year is divided by the estimated number in the population for the previous year, we derive a number known as the

As it flows through the trophic levels of an ecosystem, total available energy (in kilocalories)

Biomagnification is dangerous to species at high trophic levels because

In the equation: I – W = A = R + P, the variable “I” represents _______, while the variable “P” represents _________.

A fallen, decaying created order still needs to be stewarded carefully because

Future population expansion will be greatest in those populations containing 

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BIOL 101 quiz 8 complete solution correct answer key
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Liberty University BIOL 101 quiz 8 complete solution correct answer key _____________ is a disease state characterized by cells that divide uncontrollably and no longer respect their confinement within their tissue of origin. An oncogene is a mutated form of a gene that normally directs Which of the following tissues would not be observed in the root of a plant? The term morphogenesis refers to that process in which Cell division in unicellular life forms results in __________ while cell division in multicellular life forms facilitates _________. The purpose of cytokinesis is to Which of the following structural changes occurs during prophase of mitosis? The unique feature of meristem tissue is that it is A dominant control over the endocrine system in mature human adults is exerted by the A sequence of human cell divisions accompanied by some growth and cell differentiation convert an early ___________ into a hollow ball of cells called a _________. Sensory and motor functions in the mature human adult are controlled by the Which of the following is not a phase of the cell cycle? Successful differentiation of early brain regions requires that cells destined to form these regions Which of the following terms would not be used to describe an aspect of the threedimensional adult form? What purpose does the process of mitosis serve? A Gingko biloba haploid ova nucleus and a sperm nucleus combine in a process known as _______ within the structure known as ___________. Genes that normally direct the inhibition of cell division regulatory pathways are called When DNA is replicated, the two strands are first separated through _________; each strand then becomes a _________ against which two new strands are made. Vesicles containing cell wall materials fuse together to form new cell wall during the process of Heart rate and respiratory inhalation rate functions in the mature human adult are controlled by the Moving ahead with cell division is controlled by the interaction of John Gurdon transplanted a nucleus from a differentiated toad cell into a toad egg lacking its own functional nucleus. How did this work demonstrate genomic potency? In humans, the process of gastrulation gives rise to a “three primary tissue” structure of the embryo. Gastrulation is a product of Hans Spemann advanced the theory of embryonic induction based on his observation that The transformation of chromatin to chromosomes is necessary prior to cell division because In yeast a new cell is often reproduced by growing attached to the maternal cell. This reproductive process is called The phase of mitosis in which the chromatin begins to condense and the chromosomes Which of the following is true regarding either the G0 or the G1­ phases of the cell cycle Which type of tissue is not found in plants A morula is made up of Which of the following statements is true regarding the DNA replication bubble A newly forming budding yeast cell can get energy directly from When plant cells divide, in...
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