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10 Questions from principle of management
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10 Questions from principle of management

Q1. - Describe the ways managers use boundary-spanning roles and why they use them. (300 word minimum).


Q2. - Define organizational culture, including what makes up its composition. Where does it come from?  (300 word minimum).

Question 1 - One way organizations can keep their hierarchy flat is to:


A.   Decrease the span of control.

B.    Increase the number of levels of management.

C.    Decentralize authority.

D.   Enlarge jobs.

E.    Decrease autonomy.

Question 2 __________ technologies are characterized by __________ task variety and __________ task analyzability.


A.   Routine; low; high

B.    Routine; high; low

C.    No routine; high; high

D.   No routine; low; low

Question 3 ______________ manufacturing aims at reducing the time required to set up production equipment.


A.   Process

B.    Fixed-position

C.    Facilities

D.   Product

E.    Flexible

Question 4 - The way in which machines, robots, and people are grouped together affects how ___________ they can be.


A.   Futuristic

B.    Productive

C.    Complex

D.   high-tech

Question 5 - A counselor who works with the families of teenagers who are drug-dependent has ________________ than a worker who washes the left side of automobiles as they come through a car wash service.


A.   lower task significance

B.    less autonomy

C.    less skill variety

D.   less task identity

E.    higher task significance


Question 6 - In which type of organizational design are employees correctly referred to as "two-boss employees?"


A.   Product structure

B.    Matrix structure

C.    Geographic structure

D.   Functional structure

E.    Divisional structure

Question 7 - In general, the more stable the organization's environment, the __________ complex its strategy; the less skilled its workforce, the __________ likely that the organization will use a formal organizational structure.


A.   more; more

B.    more; less

C.    less; more

D.   less; less

Question 8 - The process by which managers design the working relationship among the workers of the organization is known as _______________.


A.   planning

B.    leading

C.    organizing

D.   controlling

E.    the span of control

Question 9 - Which is NOT an integrating mechanism that organizations can use to increase coordination?


A.   Direct contact

B.    Liaisons

C.    Task forces

D.   Ombudsmen

E.    Cross-functional teams

Question 10 - Incremental product development is likely to occur when:


A.   Existing technologies are perfected.

B.    New technologies are invented.

C.    Technology revolutions occur.

D.   Stable environments exist.

E.    Industries decline.

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10 Questions from principle of management
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