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TEST BANK with Complete Questions and Solutions. To clarify, this is the TEST BANK, not the textbook. You get immediate access to download your test bank. You will receive a complete test bank; in other words, all chapters will be there. Test banks come in PDF format; therefore, you do not need specialized software to open them. TEST BANK HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT IN CANADA DESSLER G., COLE N MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) Human resources management refers to: A) all managerial activities. B) concepts and techniques used in leading people at work. C) concepts and techniques for organizing work activities. D) management techniques for controlling people at work. E) the management of people in organizations. 1) 2) The knowledge, education, training, skills, and expertise of a firmʹs workers is known as: A) physical capital. B) managementʹs philosophy. C) production capital. D) human capital. E) cultural diversity. 2) 3) Human resources practices that support strategy include: A) performance management. B) rewards practices. C) staffing practices. D) policies and procedures. E) production scheduling. 3) 4) A company utilizes a system to measure the impact of Human Resources which balances measures relating to financial results, customers, internal business processes and human capital management. This system is knows as the: A) HRIS. B) Human Capital Index. C) balanced strategy. D) balanced scorecard. E) none of the above. 4) 5) You have been tasked with building employee engagement at the firm you work for. Strategic human resources initiatives you would consider implementing include: A) employee recognition programs. B) employee recognition programs and management development programs. C) job design indicators. D) diversity programs. E) employee relations activity. 5) 6) HR department staff members are traditionally involved in key operational responsibilities. Which of the following is an operational responsibility? A) setting goals and objectives B) interpreting human right laws C) collecting metrics D) analyzing metrics E) interpreting health and safety legislation 6) 1 7) Being completely familiar with employment legislation, HR policies and procedures, collective agreements, and the outcome of recent arbitration hearings and court decisions is most closely related with which of the following HR activities? A) serving as a consultant B) formulating policies and procedures C) offering advice D) providing services E) serving as a change agent 7) 8) The practice of contracting with outside vendors to handle specified functions on a permanent basis is known as A) contract administration. B) payroll and benefits administration. C) hiring temporary employees. D) outsourcing. E) labour-management relations. 8) 9) The companyʹs plan for how it will balance its internal strengths and weaknesses with external opportunities and threats in order to maintain competitive advantage is known as A) environmental scanning. B) HR strategy. C) policies and procedures. D) strategy. E) none of the above. 9) 10) Rita is the HR Director of a manufacturing company. She recently undertook research to identify competitor compensation and incentive plans, information about pending legislative changes and availability of talent in the labour market for the upcoming strategic planning meeting. Rita was conducting: A) environmental scanning. B) an external market survey. C) an employee engagement survey. D) an envrionmental study. E) an external opportunities/threats study. 10) 11) The HR manager of Smith & Yu company was heavily involved in a downsizing exercise of the companyʹs sales force due to an economic downturn. He was also involved in arranging for outplacement services and employee retention programs as well as restructuring of the business following the downsizing. This is an example of HRʹs role in: A) environmental scanning and executing strategy. B) environmental scanning. C) executing strategy. D) operational activities. E) formulating strategy. 11) 2 12) The core values, beliefs, and assumptions that are widely shared by members of an organization are known as: A) organizational climate. B) organizational culture. C) the pervading atmosphere. D) the mission statement. E) the strategic plan. 12) 13) As the HR consultant of a newly formed company, Arun has planned a presentation for the line managers on organizational culture and the purpose it serves. Which of the following points would Arun have included in his presentation? A) increasing training levels B) fostering employee loyalty and commitment and providing employees with a sense of direction C) fostering employee loyalty and commitment D) succession planning E) creating a worldlier atmosphere 13) 14) The prevailing atmosphere or ʹʹinternal weatherʺ that exists in an organization and its impact on employees is A) organizational climate. B) the need for performance appraisals. C) the need for a corporate culture. D) a myth about organizations. E) the importance of having a mission statement. 14) 15) Revlex Inc. has decided to allow its front line workers to make decisions regarding the ordering of certain supplies that were formerly made by managers. This initiative is an example of: A) job restructuring. B) employee empowerment. C) management development. D) a change in organizational climate. E) workplace incentives. 15) 16) Joe Brown was hired by a manufacturing firm as a supervisor. During his first few weeks as a supervisor he realised that employees who report to him expect a lot of direction from him and expect all of the decision making to be done by him. Joe Brown decided to train his employees to take on additional responsibilities and make decisions within a specific scope. Joe Brown is: A) empowering his staff. B) embracing his staff. C) outsourcing his staff. D) reducing his staff. E) none of the above. 16) 17) Economic downturns are generally associated with: A) high turnover. B) lower unemployment rates. C) more competition for qualified employees. D) an overwhelming number of job applicants for vacancies. E) skills shortages. 17) 3 18) The ratio of an organizationʹs outputs to its inputs is known as: A) the labour market. B) the equity ratio. C) productivity. D) the supply and demand equation. E) competitive ability. 18) 19) External environmental influences having a direct or indirect influence on HRM include which of the following: A) labour market conditions. B) increasing empowerment. C) organizational climate. D) decreasing work force diversity. E) organizational culture. 19) 20) The ratio of an organizationʹs outputs such as goods and its inputs such as capital is which of the following: A) productivity. B) outsourcing. C) an internal environmental influence. D) workforce diversity. E) the labour market. 20) 21) When unemployment rates fall: A) training and retention strategies increase in importance. B) there is always a greater demand for services. C) retention strategies increase in importance. D) there is always a greater demand for services and training strategies increase. E) unions are more likely to organize workers. 21) 22) Mortgage Financial needs to recruit 10 employees for a period of three months to assist its team of underwriters during the busy season. The company does not want to provide these 10 employees regular full-time or part-time status. As the HR manager, what would you suggest the company do in this situation? A) increase the workload of staff B) use contingent employees C) outsource the underwriting function D) do nothing about the situation E) develop a retention plan 22) 23) The characteristics of the work force are known as: A) unionization. B) population trends. C) demographics. D) diversity. E) organizational climate. 23) 4 24) The single most important factor governing the size and composition of the labour force is: A) the birth rate. B) population growth. C) diversity. D) immigration patterns. E) the death rate. 24) 25) Any attribute that humans are likely to use to tell them, ʺthat person is different from me,ʺ and thus includes such factors such as race, gender, age, values and cultural norms, is known as A) differences. B) characteristics. C) minorities. D) diversity. E) perceptions. 25) 26) Baby boomers: A) have had very high fertility rates. B) will be increasing rapidly in numbers over the next few decades. C) resulted in a focus on recruitment and selection in organizations in the past. D) are currently causing a great deal of competition for advancement. E) were born between 1946 and 1965. 26) 27) Characteristics of Generation X em...
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