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Final Exam Paper Instructions (Due Week 7) solution correct answer key original work

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Final Exam Paper Instructions (Due Week 7) solution correct answer key original work

Please note that you will still be required to submit a written assignment in Week Eight. The “final” essay is not the last essay required in this class*** Final Exam Paper: In at least 1000 words typed in proper APA format (including a 12-point font, double spacing, a title page, a reference page, in-text citations, a running header, page numbers, and an abstract page), you will write a review on any psychological disorder (can be an anxiety disorder, a mood disorder, a personality disorder, a somatoform disorder, a dissociative disorder, or even schizophrenia) of your choice. One friendly piece of advice here is to choose a specific disorder versus a category of disorders. For example, instead of trying to do your essay on all personality disorders, you might choose just one personality disorder, such as avoidant personality disorder. That should make the paper more manageable for you. First, you should discuss what the disorder is (general description, types if different types exist, symptoms), and how one gets the disorder(possible causes, risk factors). Second, you should choose four of the perspectives listed in the textbook--psychodynamic, humanistic, behavioral, cognitive, group, biological--and discuss how a psychologist/doctor from each perspective would treat a patient with your disorder. Part of this assignment will require you to enter the Grantham library. You should consider contacting the librarian (well before the due date) for help if you do not understand what peer-reviewed sources are or if you do not understand how to use the library functionally at Grantham. You must include two peer-reviewed sources from an electronic journal within your essay, using at least some information from both sources within your writing. These sources should come from the Grantham library. You may use other resources, but at least two of your sources must come from the library and be peer-reviewed sources. Please be sure to paraphrase (put into your own words) the information that you use from our textbook and/or other outside sources unless directly quoting with quotation marks. Direct quotations (word-for-word excerpts with quotation marks) should only comprise at most 10 – 15% of your writing. If the information is not put into your own words or quotation marks are not used, then the writing is considered plagiarized, which is a serious infraction with any university. I will not accept assignments that have not followed the directions listed in this paragraph!!! Please Note: Your sources must be cited within the paper (a valid reference list as well as in-text citations). I must know where your information originated. Also, I will deduct ten points for every 100 words missing from the final essay (remember, it needs to be 1,000 words total, including title page, abstract page, and reference list).

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[Solved] Final Exam Paper Instructions (Due Week 7) solution correct answer key original work

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Borderline Personality Disorder Student’s Name Institution Abstract Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a genuine maladjustment marked by temperamental states of mind, conducts, and relationships. It is more predominant in females (75% of diagnoses made are in females). It is believed that it influences somewhere around 1.6% and 5.9% of the all-inclusive community. In the following pages is a review of the personality disorder. A more in-depth description of the personality disorder is discussed, together with its symptoms and possible causes. The life of the individual with it is highlighted, and possible treatments for the personality disorder are brought to light. Different specialist from four dissimilar therapeutic perspectives have been chosen, and how they could treat the personality disorder has been stated. Borderline Personality Disorder The fundamental element of borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a pervasive tendency of precariousness of interpersonal relationships, mental self-view, and feelings. Individuals with borderline personality disorder are additionally typically imprudent, frequently showing self-damaging practices like unsafe sexual practices, cutting, or suicide endeavors (Society & Psychiatrists, 2009). Borderline personality disorder happens in most by early adulthood. The unsteady pattern of interfacing with others have persevered for a considerable length of time and is frequently nearly identified with the individual's mental self-view and early social interactions. The tendency is seen in an assortment of settings (for instance, not exactly at work or home) and frequently is joined by a comparative liability (fluctuating over and over again, here and there in a fast way) in an individual's feelings and emotions (Livesley, 1995). These people are extremely touchy to natural circumstances. The view of looming separation or rejection, or the loss of outside structure, can prompt significant changes in self-image, influence perception, and conduct. They encounter serious deserting reasons for alarm and improper indignation, actually when confronted with a sensible time-restricted separation or when there are unavoidable changes in arrangements (for instance, frenzy or rage when somebody essential to them is simply a couple of minutes late or must drop an arrangement). They may accept that this "...
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