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BTM8107-8 week 5 Apply ANCOVA & Factorial ANOVA correct answers
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BTM8107-8 week 5 Apply ANCOVA & Factorial ANOVA correct answers


Activity Description



You will submit one Word document for this activity. You will create this Word document by cutting and pasting SPSS output into Word.


This assignment consists of two parts. In the first part, you will utilize an existing dataset to compute a factorial ANOVA. All SPSS output should be pasted into your Word document. In the second part, you will be asked to create a hypothetical ANCOVA output table for variables related to your area of research interest.


Part A. SPSS Assignment

The “Activity 5.sav” file contains a dataset of a researcher interested in finding the best way to educate elementary age children in mathematics. In particular, she believes that 5th grade girls do better in small class sizes while boys excel in larger classes. Through the school district, she has arranged a pilot program in which some classroom sizes are reduced prior to the state-wide mathematics competency assessment. In the dataset, you will find the following variables:

Participant: unique identifier Gender: Male (M) or Female (F) Classroom:

Small (1) – no more than 10 children

Medium (2) – between 11 and 19 children

Large (3) – 20 or more children

Score: final score on the statewide competency assessment.


To complete this assignment


1.  Exploratory Data Analysis.

a.  Perform exploratory data analysis on all variables in the data set. Realizing that you have six groups, be sure that your exploratory analysis is broken down by group. When possible, include appropriate graphs to help illustrate the dataset.

b.  Compose a one to two paragraph write up of the data.

c.  Create an APA style table that presents descriptive statistics for the sample.

2.  Factorial ANOVA. Perform a factorial ANOVA using the “Activity 5.sav” data set.

a.  Is there a main effect of gender? If so, explain the effect. Use post hoc tests when necessary or explain why they are not required in this specific case.

b.  Is there a main effect of classroom size? If so, explain the effect. Use post hoc tests when necessary or explain why they are not required in this specific case.

c.  Is there an interaction between your two variables? If so, using post hoc tests, describe these differences.

d.  Is there support for the researcher’s hypothesis that girls would do better than boys in classrooms with fewer students? Explain your answer.

e.  Write up the results in APA style and interpret them. Be sure that you discuss both main effects and the presence/absence  of an interaction between the two.


Part B. Applying Analytical Strategies to an Area of Research Interest


3.  Briefly restate your research area of interest.


Analysis of Covariance. Using your area of interest, identify one dependent and two independent variables, such that the independent variables would likely be covariates. Now, assume you conducted an ANCOVA that shows both the independent variable as well as the covariate significantly predicts the dependent variable. Create a mock ANCOVA output table (see SPSS Output 11.3 in your text for an example) that supports the relationship shown above. Report your mock finding APA style.


Your submittal should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts that are presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Where applicable your submittal should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. Review APA Form and Style.


Be sure to adhere to Northcentral University's Academic Integrity Policy. View the Northcentral Academic Integrity Tutorial to refresh your knowledge of how to achieve academic integrity.


Upload your assignment using the Upload Assignment button below.


Learning Outcomes


2.0    Develop appropriate null and alternative hypotheses given a research question.

3.0    Calculate and interpret descriptive statistical analysis.

4.0    Create and interpret visual displays of data.

5.0    Apply appropriate statistical tests based on level of measurement.

6.0    Determine the appropriate use of inferential statistical analysis.

10.0    Demonstrate proficiency in the use of SPSS.

11.0    Demonstrate proficiency in reporting statistical output in APA format.

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BTM8107-8 week 5 Apply ANCOVA & Factorial ANOVA correct answers
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Contents Explanatory Data Analysis: 1 ANOVA Analysis: 2 Explanatory Data Analysis: Descriptive Statistics Dependent Variable: Math_Score Gender Classroom size Mean Std. Deviation N Female 10 or less 93.8000 3.93841 10 11-19 88.5000 3.97911 10 20 or more 79.2000 4.18463 10 Total 87.1667 7.26865 30 Male 10 or less 92.7000 3.43350 10 11-19 89.7000 2.40601 10 20 or more 91.2000 3.22490 10 Total 91.2000 3.19914 30 Total 10 or less 93.2500 3.64005 20 11-19 89.1000 3.25900 20 20 or more 85.2000 7.14953 20 Total 89.1833 5.92750 60 The above table shows the result for the Explanatory Data analysis of the dataset. From the data we can see all the interesting features of the data we are interested on. We can see that there is much variation in the scores for Females in different Classroom sizes, the mean score is decreasing as the classroom size is increasing, but for male students no such pattern is present. The variation for the female students are also increasing as the class size is increasing, here also male students show no particular pattern. So by looking at the above table we can make an estimate that female student’s scores are hugely getting affected by the class size but for male st...
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