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PROJ6000(ASSESSMENT 1) Project Management Lifecycle (PML)

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Assessment 1 - Project Management Lifecycle (PML) opinion post and peer response




The project management lifecycle (PML) is an important component of project management  methodology. It incorporates several areas of knowledge from the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK) and it affects and interacts with the application of PMBoK in a project. Different stages of the PML may require focussing on different areas of the PMBoK, and project managers need to assess the PML for their project to identify possible risks, plan for resourcing and commence communicating with stakeholders. This assessment requires that you answer the following question:

“What areas of the PMBoK are affected by the Project Management Lifecycle the most and how do we ensure alignment between the lifecycle of the project and the implementation of PMBoK in projects?”. To answer this question, you will need to:


(a) Post a 600 word response to this question, based on your opinion, to the Discussion Forum on the learning portal.

(b) Respond to one other student post by critiquing their opinion and comparing it with yours in 200 words.


The assessment requires that you critically read and interpret both the Project Management Lifecycle and the PMBoK.



1. Read about the PMBoK and the Project Management Lifecycle to familiarise yourself  PROJ6000_Assessment 1 Brief_081118.Docx    Page 2 of 5 with their fundamental concepts. Critically reflect on your readings to form an opinion of both. Commence writing your opinion to answer the question and support that opinion by using at least six (6) references from academic or industry literature. Cite these references in your opinion of 600 words both in-text and as a reference list at the end of your opinion piece. The word count does not include the reference list and is +/-10%.

2. Read one other student’s post. Think about their opinion and try to compare and contrast it to yours. This will allow you to “critique” their view. You can do this by highlighting the things you agree with and those you disagree with in their post. You need to justify and explain your critique of their opinion. Try, where possible, to refer to some of the literature you read or even your own working experiences. You will need to write 200 words in your response. This does not include the reference list and is +/- 10%.

Output and Submission:

Submit your completed assessment by the end of module 2 (Week 4) on Blackboard. 

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[Solved] PROJ6000(ASSESSMENT 1) Project Management Lifecycle (PML)

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PROJ6000(ASSESSMENT 1) Project Management Lifecycle (PML)

PROJ 6000 Assessment 1 Project Management Lifecycle (PML) opinion post and peer response ...

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