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SQL Server 2012 Corporate Proposal
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SQL Server 2012 Corporate Proposal


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SQL Server 2012 Corporate Proposal
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SQL Server 2012 Corporate Proposal   SQL Server 2012 Corporate Proposal Overview ESL Inc. is a large company that has been using a series of spreadsheets, access databases, and manual records to keep track of the majority of the organization’s internal and customer data. The company has grown significantly over the years and is now looking to implement a comprehensive solution for all their data storage needs. The objective of this proposal is to recommend an enterprise level, highly scalable, and secure Microsoft SQL Server-based infrastructure with company-wide service availability. The following proposal includes recommendations of the SQL Server edition, its capabilities, and its system requirements. Data security, including user access methods, is also addressed. Performance monitoring tools and techniques are outlined, as well as backup types and plans. ESL Inc. will also require a tool to integrate its existing data to the new database, which is also proposed below. Finally, potential risks and mitigation practices for these risks are defined. Proposal SQL Server 2012 comes in a variety of editions depending on a company’s specific needs. These editions are Enterprise, Business Intelligence, Standard, Web, and Express. Each installation version offers different features, with Enterprise being the most robust and Express being the most limited. For ESL Inc., the Enterprise edition would give the most options while allowing for future expansion. SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition allows a company to use a server’s full processing and memory capabilities for its queries, while lighter editions such as Express limit the amount of power the server can use per query and database. Enterprise edition also allows for mirroring databases, AlwaysOn failover options, backup compression to conserve space, mirroring backups, and online indexing and schema changes. These features give administrators the most possible availability for their databases, while reducing downtime in the event of a failure (Features Supported by the Editions of SQL Server 2012, n.d.). For performance and scalability, Enterprise edition allows for fifty multiple instances, table and index partitioning, data compression, resource governing, and multiple FileStream containers. It also features the most security features, such as basic and fine grain auditing, database encryption, user-defined roles, and contained databases. Replication options include snapshot replication, Oracle publishing, and peer to peer transactional replication (Features Supported by the Editions of SQL Server 2012, n.d.). Although the Business Intelligence edition contains many of the same features, Enterprise includes exclusive tools and services that can give administrators mo...
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