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U1 Individual Project: Writing Pseudocode
Complete an IPO Model; write pseudocode develop a flowchart using Visual Logic for the following statements:
•    The variable N starts with the value 1000.
•    The variable T starts with the value 200.
•    The variable B starts with the value 4.
•    Store the value of N times T in N.
•    Store the value of T times B in B.
•    Add N and B, multiply it by 25, and store the result in T.
•    Display the value in T on the screen.
Perform a Desk Check to determine the output value.

U1 Individual Project: Problem Analysis

Problem Statement:
Design a program that calculates the area of a circle. Have the user input the radius.
Note:  The area of a circle = 3.14159 x radius x radius.
Output will display the area.
Complete an IPO model, pseudocode, and a flowchart using visual logic.

Complete an IPO Model
Write the pseudocode
Develop a flowchart using Visual Logic

IPO Model
Input    Process    Output

Visual Logic Flowchart and Output

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U1 Individual Project | Complete Solution
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start double radius double area Inpu...
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