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Assignment#5 Reliability of Systems | Complete Solution
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Reliability of Systems

1.    The time to failure (in years) of a Cyclone 365 computer has the probability density function  
(a)    If three of these computers are placed in parallel aboard the proposed space station, what is the system reliability for the first 6 months of operation?
(b)    What is the system design life in days if reliability of a 0.999 is required?
(c)    What is the system reliability for 6 months if two out of the three computers must function?

2.    Find the system reliability of the following series-parallel configurations.  Component reliabilities are given.


3. A repairable system consists of three non-identical components A, B,C , all of which must
work for system success. When one component fails, no further component failures can occur.
Construct the relevant state space diagram and hence evaluate general expressions for the
Individual limiting state probabilities in terms of the component failure and repair rates.
Evaluate the unavailability of the system in hours/year if the three components have thefollowing
Reliability data.

Component    Failure Rate(/yr)    Repair rate (/yr
A    1.0    365
B    0.1    12
C    0.5    52

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Assignment#5 Reliability of Systems | Complete Solution
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