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Tourism research data analysis

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Using the information provided in the Excel spreadsheet “Recreationist Intercept Data for TMGT 3050-Assignment 1” posted at the top of the class Moodle site, summarize key statistics in the spreadsheet and develop appropriate charts to describe the information.
Consult the following online resource for considering the most effective techniques and graphs to use when displaying quantitative information:
1. Calculate the Net Promoter Score (NPS) for all activities combined
2. Organize and summarize the data with an appropriate graph that shows the NPS for the following:
a. Primary reason for travel to FVRD (Column G)
b. Activity Type (Column S)
c. Skill Level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert) – Column AP
d. Age (create appropriate age categories and create a graph)
3. Calculate the NPS for the following segments, and summarize the information in the appropriate types of charts:
a. Males versus Females
b. People <40 years of age, and people >=40 years of age
c. What proportion of recreationists were i) beginner; ii) intermediate; iii) advanced; iv) expert. Display the information in an appropriate chart.
4. Which expenditure category has the highest mean (average) expenditures per travel party? (Columns AZ-BE) What is that?
5. Display the information in the expenditure categories in appropriate categories (e.g. 0-$20; $21-40, etc) with the frequencies (counts) for all expenditure categories, and put the information in appropriate charts, and a summary table for all activities.

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[Solved] Tourism research data analysis

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The excel sheet wil...
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Tourism research data analysis

The excel sheet will be attached. You can contact me for it in the meantime....

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