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MIS 500 Assessment 2 Group Report and Group Presentation

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Assessment 2 Part A : Group Report


Assessment 2 Part B: Group Presentation


Task Summary


In groups of no more than three (3) you are to act as consultants hired by the company the case study is based on, to create an information system for your client.


Part A: In response to the case study provided, your group will produce a report explaining the information system plan you develop for your client. The report should be no more than 3000 words.


Part B: Your group will present your ideas to the class (face-to-face students) or submit a video presentation (online students).


Task Instructions


• Form groups of no more than 3 members.


Part A Group report


1. Fibre Fashion – Case Study


To complete this assessment task you are required to design an information system for Fibre Fashion to assist with their business. You have discussed Porter’s Value Chain in class and you should understand the Primary and support activities within businesses. For this assessment you need to concentrate on Marketing and Sales only.

2. Watch the case study video about Fibre Fashion (link below). This video will allow you to understand the business and where you, as consultants, can add value by improving their information systems in marketing and sales.

3. Fibre Fashion can also be found online at https://www. fibrefashion. com. au/ and on Instagram at https://www. instagram. com/fibre_fashion_agency/

4. For further details about current information systems of Fibre Fashion, please see the Assessment 2 Database document and the OneBrands Fibre Sales Figures Contacts spreadsheet in the Assessment 2 area of Blackboard.

5. Based on the information provided as well as your own research (reading!) into information systems for SMEs (small to medium enterprise), write a report for Fibre Fashion to assist with their marketing and sales.


Structure of the report

Please structure the group report as follows:

• Title page

• Introduction

• Background to the issue you plan to solve (e.g. the excel spreadsheet is inefficient). Identify a research question

• Research the issue and present a literature review

• Analysis of the literature including other examples

• Recommended Solution – explain the information system and how it will assist the business. You may use visuals to represent your ideas

• Conclusion

• References (quality and correct method of presentation. You must have a minimum of 15 references

• Appendices should include: ‘scrum’ meeting minutes

Scrum meeting notes

During the Trimester you will hold scrum meetings in your groups (in class or online in a discussion thread). Each group has five minutes to state what they have done and what they plan to do in the next week (each person in the group is required to speak every week). Any issues can be addressed in this time and groups are required to take minutes and update their status every scrum meeting. These meeting minutes then need to be attached to the report as an appendix.



PART B Presentation


Your group is required to present your final idea for the business in a ten (10) minute presentation pitched as though your lecturer is the client and you are selling the idea of your information system. Every group member must present a minimum of 2.5 minutes with an overall maximum of six slides (plus a reference list).

The presentation is ten (10) minutes with an additional five (5) minutes for questions. Online students will be asked questions via a discussion board.


ALL STUDENTS MUST ATTEND THE PRESENTATION. Special consideration (SC) must be sought if you are unable to attend. If you do not attend you will not receive any marks for this part of the assignment (unless SC is approved).


It is essential that you use appropriate APA style for citing and referencing research. Please see more information on referencing here http://library. Laureate .net. au/research_skills/referencing

Submission Instructions

Submit your group report via the Assessment 2 link in the main navigation menu in MIS500: Foundations of Information Systems. The Learning Facilitator will provide feedback via the Grade Centre in the LMS portal. Feedback can be viewed in My Grades.


MIS500 Assessment 2 Group Case Study

Course: MIS500 Foundations of Information Systems



Solution Included

(3322 Words, References, APA Format, Group Presentation)

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[Solved] MIS 500 Assessment 2 Group Report and Group Presentation

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MIS 500 Assessment 2 Group Report and Group Presentation


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