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MIS500 Assessment 1 Research Report

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Task Summary


This assessment task requires you to research and write a 1000 words report on ONE of the topics provided. These topics are related to the key information systems concepts and technologies evident in the context of contemporary businesses and organisations.




The purpose of this assignment is to develop your ability to understand the use of information systems technologies and concepts such as innovation, digital disruption, cultural impact and new business models in the contemporary workplace.


Task Instructions


1. Please read the attached MIS500_Assessment 1_List of Topics.

2. Choose ONE (1) of the three (3) topics.

3. Read and research widely on the chosen topic area.

4. Write a 1000 words research report on the chosen topic based on the review of relevant

literature and examples.

5. The report should include an introduction, body and conclusion with references to support

the ideas.

6. Please refer to the assessment rubric to ensure you address all the assessment criteria.


This is a research assignment and as such you are required to read and research widely. A minimum of 10 references are required. You may use a selection of different types of sources but at least 5 of the references must be from Academic sources (eg journals, books and University resources). As the topics are contemporary you will need to supplement this research by reading other high quality non-Academic texts such as reputable newspapers, TED talks, Magazines like Wired and oranisations websites. You must have a critical eye when reading these texts. Your sources should be from the last five years It is essential that you use appropriate APA style for citing and referencing research. Please see more information on referencing here http:// library. laureate. net. au/research_skills/referencing

Submission Instruction

Please submit ONE Word document (.doc or .docx) via the Assessment 1 section found in the main navigation menu of the MIS500 Blackboard site. The Learning Facilitator will provide feedback via the Grade Centre in the LMS portal. Feedback can be viewed in My Grades.

MIS500_Assessment 1_brief_Research Report



MIS500_Assessment 1_List of Topics                                                                                              

Assessment 1 Topics List

Topic 1 

The Fourth Industrial revolution

We are living through the fourth Industrial revolution (4IR) which through disruptive technologies is transforming the workplace and jobs. As the 4IR progress Artificial Intelligence and robotics is and will transform workplaces further replacing human jobs with technology but also creating new jobs for humans.  

Discuss the statement in the context of jobs of the future by investigating a particular organisation or industry of your choice. Examine and explain how technology will transform the jobs the organisation or industry will have in the futre. You will need to check your choice of company with your lecturer (This should be done via class messages) to ensure it is appropriate and that it has not been chosen by another student (each student should choose a different company). (Uber, Lyft, Didi and other taxi companies cannot be selected as the chosen organisation) 


Topic 2

Gabor George Burt stated that:

            ‘Meaningful innovation does not need to be based on outright invention. Rather, there is an exhilarating shortcut. It is based on bold, new combinations of already existing components that simultaneously unlock heightened levels of consumer value and reduce costs.’

Discuss this quotation in the context of digital disruption in the medical and health industry by investigating a particular health organisation, sector or technology company of your choice. Examine and explain how they can achieve higher levels of patient care quality while at the same time reducing the overall cost of treatment using disruptive technologies. You will need to check your choice of company with your lecturer (This should be done via class messages) to ensure it is appropriate and that it has not been chosen by another student (each student should choose a different company). 


Topic 3

Scoff – DIKW pyramid

Choose an organisation of your choice and analyse how the organisation transforms data into wisdom  according to the (DIKW Pyramid of Ackoff). The organisation might be a business, NGO or government organisation... Use specific examples to support and justify your anaylsis. You will need to check your choice of organisation with your lecturer to ensure; it is appropriate and that another student has not chosen it (each student should choose a different organisation). This should be done via class messages.


Course: MIS 500 Foundations of Information Systems 




Solution Included


(7 Pages, 10 references, APA Format)

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[Solved] MIS500 Assessment 1 Research Report

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MIS500 Assessment 1 Research Report

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