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Anatomy and Physiology HESI

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Anatomy and physiology Hesi


1.      Skin responsible fokr finger prints?

Dermal papillase

Markel cells

Amectors pili

Sudoriferous gland


2.      What type of synovia joint is the elbow?



Ball and socket



3.      Where is blood produced infants after birth?

Heart chamber

Red bone marrow


4.       What structure is a ball and socket joint?






5.      what are macromolecules genetic code carried on?






6.      What cavity of heart has the thickest wall?

Right atrium

Left atrium

Right ventricle

Left ventricle


7.      What are like cells grouped together called?









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[Solved] Anatomy and Physiology HESI

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Anatomy and Physiology HESI.Anatomy...
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