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NR 503 Week 8 Discussion: Health Policy and Ethics – Maryland

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  1. Go to your state government web page.
  2. Find one health policy enacted within the last two (2) years at the state level. Write down the bill number and the sponsors of the bill and include this information in your initial post.
  3. Write a minimum of a one-page critical analysis summary of the policy. (250 words double spaced, APA). Your summary should integrate the concepts of advocacy, population health, and the ANA ethical statements(“The Code”), and course readings, to include a minimum of one course scholarly article (provided within the course). Be sure to speak to the role of advocacy and population health.
  4. Respond to a minimum of two (2) peers/faculty posts with one (1) paragraph of 4-5 sentences integrating one scholarly source utilized in an in-text citation/APA
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[Solved] NR 503 Week 8 Discussion: Health Policy and Ethics – Maryland

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S.B. 23 Abortion 133 General Assembly Bill No. 23 Primary Sponsor: Kristina Roegner Cosponsors: Niraj J. Antani, Brian Baldridge, John Becker, Louis W. Blessing III, Tom Binkman, Jim Butler, S...
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