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PSYC 290N Week 8 Final Exam BEST STUDY GUIDE FOR EXAMS/PSYC 290 Lifespan Development - (DeVry 2020)

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Question # 1

3 / 3 Points

(TCO 1) Which of the following is the best example of an off-time event that could have negative effects upon an individual's development? 


The deaths of elderly parents 


Being divorced at the age of 25 


The death of one's spouse at the age of 30 


Experiencing a life-threatening illness at the age of 60 

Chapter 1, page 8


Question # 2

3 / 3 Points

(TCO 1) The Maple Leaf Elementary School counselor, social worker, and the parents of 8-year-old Jimmy Jackson are working as a cooperative team to determine why Jimmy exhibits a pattern of highly aggressive behavior toward his peers and teachers. Jimmy's behavior has been extensively observed, he has been subjected to a battery of psychological tests, and his parents have been interviewed. This in-depth examination of Jimmy Jackson is an example of 


an ethnograph.


naturalistic observation.


a correlational study.


a case study. 

Chapter 1, page 12


Question # 3

3 / 3 Points

(TCO 1) An experiment is designed to study the effects of long lectures on the sleeping behavior of college students. In such a study, the dependent variable is


sleeping behavior of college students.


long lectures.


the length of time a lecture runs.


college students. 

Chapter 1, page 14


Question # 4

3 / 3 Points

(TCO 1) Which of the following is the most correct statement regarding repressed memories?


Most adults who were abused as children have no recollection of the abuse.


The best way to get at repressed memories is for the therapist to suggest that such memories exist.


It is highly unlikely that false memories will be retrieved because of the inaccuracy of human memory.


The perpetrators of abuse are more likely to forget the incidents than are the victims. 

Chapter 2, page 25


Question # 5

3 / 3 Points

(TCO 2) Which factor is generally considered to be an essential aspect of an infant's first psychosocial task? 


Learning to control bodily sensations or developing shame if unsuccessful


Becoming aware of pleasurable genital sensations and sharing these sensations with others 


Becoming purposeful, goal oriented, and assertive, which leads to conflicts with parents 


Being treated lovingly and predictably by caregivers and learning to trust 

Chapter 2, page 26


Question # 6

3 / 3 Points

(TCO 2) If you are teaching a child to produce a reflexive response following a nonreflexive stimulus, which method of learning are you employing?


Observational learning


Classical conditioning


Response-reward learning


Operant conditioning 

Chapter 2, page 29


Question # 7

3 / 3 Points

(TCO 2) Which of the following is the best example of extinction?


You change to a different slot machine because the one that you've been playing doesn't pay very often.


You stop buying lottery tickets until the jackpot is greater than $10 million.


You stop buying lottery tickets after spending several hundred dollars and never winning.


You purchase mega bucks tickets instead of regular lottery tickets because the odds of winning are greater. 

Chapter 2, page 31


Question # 8

3 / 3 Points

(TCO 2) Which of these best illustrates the principles of social-cognitive theory? 


Shelby misses her curfew by 1 hour and is grounded by her parents for 1 week, yet she continues to miss curfew.  


When Marla responds angrily to a request from her daughter Bess, Bess' sister Treva, who observed this response, decides she will wait a day or two before asking for a new stereo.


Shea seeks advice from a chat forum on the Internet about her recurring headaches.


As a result of the role conflict between her parental responsibilities and her need for personal development, Irina decides to drop out of college for a semester. 

Chapter 2, page 32


Question # 9

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(TCO 2) Which of the following statements is true regarding prenatal sex differentiation?


Sex differentiation begins at around 4–8 weeks of gestation.


If androgens are present, female genitalia develop regardless of the chromosomal makeup of the fetus.


In the absence of the SRX gene, an XY fetus will develop female genitalia.


The absence of a Y chromosome will ensure the development of male genitalia. 

Chapter 3, page 50


Question # 10

3 / 3 Points

(TCOs 2 and 3) Meko has dark hair and dark eyes, even though his biological mother is fair skinned.  Meko's hair and eye color are part of his




embryonic cell map.


polygenic factoring.