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IST 230 Lesson 3 Quiz | Complete Solution
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Give the canonical input/output table for the following circuit:
Inputs    Output

2.Using the inputs P, Q, and R given in the input/output table below, apply the algorithm in the online Course Content and text to construct a logical expression in DNF (Disjunctive Normal Form) that is equivalent to the output S shown (your answer must be in DNF to count):

    Convert 11011012 to decimal
11011012 =
    Convert 0xDB59E to binary
DB59E16 =
    Convert  1010  1100  1000  00102  to hex
1010  1100  1000  00102 =
    Using just NOT, AND, OR, give a defining expression for:  p NAND q
p NAND q ≡
    Translate the informal English statement “Every Penn State student loves creamery ice cream” into an equivalent semiformal English statement using the quantifiers There Exists or For All:

    Rewrite the following statement so it does not use a conditional (if-then); you can use informal or semiformal English, or (super)formal math notation as you choose: “For all students, if the student majors in IST, then the student must complete a discrete mathematics course” (HINT: consider changing the domain)

    Translate the following completely formal statement into either informal or semiformal English:
Where S(x) is the predicate “x plays the drums” and P(x) is the predicate “x sings in the chorale” and D is the set of all students.

Introduction to Predicates and Quantified Statements II
    Write a negation of the following statement: “∃ an IST major x such that x enjoys logic”

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IST 230 Lesson 3 Quiz | Complete Solution
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1010 1100 1000 00102 = (AC82)16 6. Using just NOT, AND, OR, give a defining expression for: p NAND q p NAND q ≡ NOT (p AND q) = (p ↑ q) 7. Translate the informal English...
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