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[Solved] SOCI 111 QUIZ 8

SOCI 111 quiz 8

Question 1 of 25    1.0 Points

In the Demographic Transition Theory, a "population explosion" traditionally occurs in the ________ stage.



A. first  


B. second  


C. third


D. fourth  



Question 2 of 25    1.0 Points

According to the symbolic interactionist perspective, why do women in poor nations bear a large number of children?


A. Men control reproductive choices in the poor nations.  


B. Women cannot afford to spend money on birth control.  


C. Women are not educated on how to use birth control.  



D. Large families are rewarded socially and economically  



Question 3 of 25    1.0 Points

Which of the following conditions is a declining standard of living most likely to create in a country?



A. political instability  


B. the growth of multinationals  


C. citizen apathy  


D. economic alienation  



Question 4 of 25    1.0 Points

What variables are most often included on a population pyramid?


A. race, percentage of population by race, level of education  


B. race, percentage of population by race, sex  


C. sex, percentage of population by race, age  



D. sex, percentage of population by sex, age categories  



Question 5 of 25    1.0 Points

To determine a country's growth rate, what three variables would a demographer use?


A. race, sex, life expectancy  


B. life span, life expectancy, migration  



C. fertility, mortality, migration  


D. race, fertility, life span  



Question 6 of 25    1.0 Points

Jim and Milly are one of ten couples who have decided to buy and restore an older house in a deteriorated urban neighborhood. Jim and Milly are part of a movement referred to as ________.


A. urban renovation  



B. gentrification  


C. urban networking  


D. city upgrading  



Question 7 of 25    1.0 Points

Based on Gans' typologies of city dwellers, what classification do the elderly, mentally ill, and drug addicts fall into?


A. ethnic villagers  


B. cosmopolite  



C. the trapped  


D. deprived urbanite  



Question 8 of 25    1.0 Points

Techniques that protect your "personal space", such as using a newspaper to shield yourself from others, are known as ________.



A. the diffusion of responsibility   


B. alienation  


C. the norm of non-involvement  


D. group polarization  



Question 9 of 25    1.0 Points

Actions, such as lynchings, performed by a group of people who bypass the usual norms governing their behavior and do something unusual is referred to as ________.



A. collective behavior  


B. cultural deviance  


C. bureaucratic ritualism  


D. the Peter Principle  



Question 10 of 25    1.0 Points

Yamaguchi and Horowitz found that crowds take deliberate steps to reach some goals. In view of this, how would sociologists characterize the members of a crowd?


A. They are people vulnerable to suggestion.  


B. They are irrational individuals with no sense of conformity.  



C. They are rational individuals acting in unison.  


D. They are people who are oppressed expressing their frustration  



Question 11 of 25    1.0 Points

Collective behavior always involves something unusual. How did Turner and Killian predict people would react to deal with the novel situation?


A. They would begin milling around irrationally.  


B. They become vulnerable to suggestion  



C. They develop new norms to deal with the new situation.  


D. They resort to chaos to guide their actions.  



Question 12 of 25    1.0 Points

What does research show as the most common background condition of urban riots?


A. Too many people in too small an area that increases stress.  


B. Poverty and racial differences among residents.  



C. Frustration and anger brought on by feelings of deprivation  


D. Corrupt government and aggressive policing that damage the sense of community  



Question 13 of 25    1.0 Points

Sociologists who studied the panic following a fire at the Beverly Hills Supper Club found that the majority of those employed by the supper club did not panic but continued to help their customers or fight the fire. Sociologists use the term "________" to describe the employees' actions.



A. role extension  


B. norm of reciprocity  


C. role exclusion  


D. norm of crowd behavior  



Question 14 of 25    1.0 Points

The popularity of "Tickle Me Elmo," Beanie Babies, and Cabbage Patch Kids are all examples of behaviors that appear quickly and then quickly disappear. These situations are referred to as ________.


A. flash mobs  


B. urban legends  



C. crazes  


D. entertainment cults  



Question 15 of 25    1.0 Points

An urban legend is a story with an ironic twist that sounds realistic, but is false. According to folklorist Jan Brunvand, urban legends teach us three moral lessons about life. Which of the following is not one of the three moral lessons identified by Brunvand?


A. The stories serve as warnings.  


B. Each story is related to social change.  


C. Each story is calculated to instill fear.  



D. Each story should be taken seriously.  



Question 16 of 25    1.0 Points

The emergence of the Ku Klux Klan following the Civil War is an example of which type of social movement?


A. retaliatory social movement  


B. millenarian social movement  



C. reactive social movement  


D. new social movement  



Question 17 of 25    1.0 Points

Social movements that seek to change particular aspects of individuals, such as the Women's Christian Temperance Union and Million Man March, are best qualified as which type of social movement?



A. alterative  


B. transformative  


C. reformative  


D. redemptive  



Question 18 of 25    1.0 Points

What did Karl Marx blame for the transformation of most societies from being Gemeinschaft to Gesellschaft?


A. the Protestant Reformation  



B. the invention of capitalism  


C. the invention of socialism  


D. the Great Awakening  



Question 19 of 25    1.0 Points

The realignment of the world's powers that occurred after World War II is called ________.


A. transnationalism  


B. multinationalism  



C. geopolitics  


D. international convergence  



Question 20 of 25    1.0 Points

The theories that propose societies may take different routes but eventually lead to the same stage of development are ________ theories.


A. unlinear  


B. reformative  


C. transformative  



D. multilinear  



Question 21 of 25    1.0 Points

What concept is central to all evolutionary theories, regardless of their type?



A. social stratification  


B. cultural progress  


C. the development of cities  


D. social inequality  



Question 22 of 25    1.0 Points

According to Marx, human history shows that struggle develops between the thesis and its antithesis, leading to a synthesis. Marx called this historical change a ________.


A. radical transofmration  


B. cyclical activity  



C. dialectical process  


D. analytic process  



Question 23 of 25    1.0 Points

The Japanese adopted baseball as a national sport after they saw American GIs playing it following World War II. This adoption of baseball by the Japanese is an example of ________.


A. a discovery  



B. diffusion  


C. an invention  


D. cultural lag  



Question 24 of 25    1.0 Points

Although all the faculty members of Acadia University have new state of the art computers several professors refuse to use them and even replaced them with personal typewriters. This is an example of ________.


A. cultural diffusion  


B. cultural contracts  



C. cultural lag  


D. cultural reformulation  



Question 25 of 25    1.0 Points

What did historian James Fink cite as the primary reason women were transformed from producers of food and clothing to consumers of national-brand canned goods, prepared foods, and ready made clothes?


A. the credit card  


B. no fault divorce  


C. the automobile  



D. women's liberation  



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[Solved] SOCI 111 QUIZ 8

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[Solved] SOCI 111 QUIZ 8 In the Demographic Transition Theory, a "population explosion" traditionally occurs in the ________ stage. A. first B. second ...
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