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Economics of Health Care Delivery | Nursing School Test Banks

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Economics of Health Care Delivery | Nursing School Test Banks

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[Solved] Economics of Health Care Delivery | Nursing School Test Banks

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Nursing School Test Banks Chapter 05: Economics of Health Care Delivery Stanhope: Public Health Nursing, 8th Edition Chapter 05: Economics of Health Care Delivery Test Bank MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. The allocation of scarce resources within the health care sector and the focus on resource allocation issues related to producing and distributing health care is called: a. Economics b. Health economics c. Economic evaluation of health care d. Microeconomic theory ANS: . 2. Public health economics focuses on the: a. Use of resources b. Availability and usage of goods and services related to public health c. Scarcity of resources in the health care industry d. Management and use of monies to improve the health of populations ANS: . 3. Which statement regarding poverty and health insurance is true? a. Millions of people in the United States are without health insurance. b. The poor in the United States are as healthy as persons with higher incomes. c. Persons with money or health insurance are less likely to seek health care. d. The poor are more likely to receive health care through private agencies. ANS: 4. Implementation of a teen pregnancy prevention program in a high school is shown to decrease the rate of teen pregnancy. This is an example of: a. Effectiveness b. Efficiency c. Microeconomics d. Production ANS: 5. Which is an example of a service offered at the federal government level? a. Family planning b. Counseling c. Policy making d. Prevention of communicable diseases ANS: 6. Conducting a class at a public health clinic on breast self-examination to a group of 50 women is an example of: a. Supply and demand b. Market c. Efficiency d. Effectiveness ANS: 7. Nurses can promote efficiency by: a. Evaluating how well a program of service achieves what was intended b. Trying new products provided by sales representatives c. Using time wisely by delegating non-nursing tasks to unlicensed care providers d. Setting up a clinic to look aesthetically pleasing to clients ANS: 8. When a business offers wellness incentives to its employees and then notices a decrease in the frequency of physician visits among employees, this is an example of: a. Macroeconomic theory b. Efficiency c. Supply and demand d. Microeconomic theory ANS: 9. Nurses should be cognizant of microeconomics because:...
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