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HESI MEDSURG Practice Questions 2

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HESI  MEDSURG  Practice  Questions  2

56.List  five  nursing  interventions  to  implement  after  chest  tube  insertion?:  Maintain  dry  occlusive  dressings  to  chest  tube  site  at  all  times, 
keeping  all  tubing  connections  tight  and  taped,  monitor  clients  clinical  status, 
encourage  the  client  to  breathe  deeply  periodically, 
monitor  the  fluid  drainage  and  mark  the  time  of  measurement  and  of  fluid  level

57.List  five  symptoms  of  hyperglycemia:  Polydipsia, 
weight  loss

58.List  five  symptoms  of  hypoglycemia:  Hunger, 
tremors  or  shakes, 

59.List  for  categories  of  burns:  Thermal,  radiation,  chemical,  electrical

60.List  for  groups  who  have  a  higher  risk  of  contracting  hepatitis:  Homosexual  males,  IV  drug  user,  those  with  recent  piercing  or  tattoo  ink,  and  healthcare  workers

61.List  for  nursing  interventions  for  care  of  the  client  with  Hodgkin's  disease:  Protect  from  infection,  observe  for  anemia,  encourage  high  nutrient  foods,  provide  emotional  support  to  client  and  family

62.List  for  nursing  interventions  for  the  client  with  a  hiatal  hernia:  Set  up  while  eating  and  for  one  hour  after  eating,  eat  small,  frequent  meals.  Eliminate  foods  that  are  problematic

63.List  for  rational's  for  the  parents  of  restlessness  in  the  unconscious  client:  Anorexia,  distended  bladder,  covert  bleeding,  or  a  return  of  consciousness

64.List  for  signs  of  inhalation  burn:  Singed  nasal  hairs,  circumoral  burns,  City  or  bloody  sputum,  hoarseness,  and  pulmonary  signs  including  asymmetry  of  respirations,  rales,  or  wheezing

65.List  four  components  of  teaching  for  the  client  with  tuberculosis?:  Cough  into  tissues  and  dispose  immediately  into  special  bag, 
long  term  need  for  daily  medication, 
good  hand  washing  technique, 
report  symptoms  of  deterioration, 
such  as  blood  in  secretions

66.List  four  essential  elements  of  a  teaching  plan  for  clients  with  frequent  urinary  tract  infections?:  Fluid  intake  3  liters/  day  , 
good  hand  washing, 
void  every  2-3  hours  during  waking  hours 

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[Solved] HESI MEDSURG Practice Questions 2

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HESI MEDSURG Practice Questions 2 56.List five nursing interventions to implement after chest tube insertion?: Maintain dry occlusive dressings to chest tube site at all times, keeping all tubing connections tight and taped, monitor clients clinical status, encourage the client to breathe deeply periodically, monitor the fluid drainage and mark the time of measurement and of fluid level 57.List five symptoms of hyperglycemia: Polydipsia, polyuria, polyphagia, weakness, weight loss 58.List five ...
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HESI MEDSURG Practice Questions 2

HESI MEDSURG Practice Questions 2 56.List five nursing interventions to implement after chest tube insertion?: Maintain dry occlusive dressings to chest tube site at all times, keeping all tubing...

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