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NURSING 101 Swift River Answers (Verified)

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NURSING 101 Swift River Answers (Verified)

1.  . Linda Yu

●      Acuities

○      Educational Needs

○      Fall Risk

○      Health Change

○      Neurological

○      Psychological Needs

●      Nursing Concerns

○      Impaired mobility

○      Fall risk

○      Risk for infection

●      Scenario 1

○      Assess pain level

○      Obtain VS

○      Initial assessment

○      Educate

○      Place med in patient inventory

●      Scenario 2

○      Assess injury

○      Obtain assistance

○      Take VS

○      Skin assessment

○      Notify provider

●      Scenario 3

○      Administer med

○      Address skin tear

○      Obtain bedside commode

○      Prepare for CT

○      Assign UAP

●      Scenario 4

○      Assess leg peripherally

○      Treat for pain

○      Educate

○      Contact power of attorney

○      Collect pre-op labs

●      Scenario 5

○      Assess VS and urinary output

○      Start secondary IV line

○      Have 2nd nurse sign

○      Take VS and start blood

○      Assess patient and VS Q5 for first 15 min


2.   . Mary Barkley

●      Acuities

○      Educational Needs

○      Health Change

○      Pain Level

○      Psychological Needs

●      Nursing Concerns

○      Acute pain

○      Deficient knowledge

○      Grieving

○      Impaired comfort

○      Infection

●      Scenario 1

○      Have pt put on mask

○      Wash hands and don PPE

○      Therapeutic communication

○      Guide her back

○      Set up video chat

●      Scenario 2

○      Alert charge nurse

○      Wash hands and dawn PPE

○      Have aide sit with her

○      Initiate O2

○      Secure sitter

●      Scenario 3

○      Contact RT

○      Obtain telemetry

○      Ask PCT to secure mask better

○      Don PPE

○      Assist RT

●      Scenario 4

○      Call rapid response

○      Continue to assist RT

○      Give SBAR

○      Call for crash-cart

○      Documentation

●      Scenario 5

○      Encourage provider to consider intubation

○      Offer to contact family

○      Contact assisted living facility

○      Notify provider of absence of advanced directive

○      Assist with intubation


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[Solved] NURSING 101 Swift River Answers (Verified)

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NURSING 101 Swift River Answers (...
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NURSING 101 Swift River Answers (Verified)

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