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Validity, Scaling, Data Management and Statistics

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APA format, please list references and include in-text citations.  Need no later than Sunday May 13th, 2018

Validity, Scaling, Data Management and Statistics (Chapters 9, 10, 12 and 13)

Article (select the link)

Topic Summary


Read the article: "The Influence of Individual, Job, and Organizational Characteristics on Correctional Staff Job Stress, Job Satisfaction, and Organizational Commitment"(Lambert & Paoline, 2008). Using concepts from chapters 1 - 13 as the basis for your analysis, in a narrative format of 750 or more words, summarize: (a) the research problem, (b) research design, (c) data-gathering strategy, (d) any hypotheses, (e) dependent and independent variable(s), (f) how key dependent and independent variables were operationalized, (g) how qualitative data from interviews, focus groups and other qualitative methods were coded and quantified for analysis, and (h) summarize the key findings and/or policy issues.

Topic Analysis


Identify each of the strategies for determining the validity of a particular measure listed in your text. Which one of these strategies, if any, did the authors use in this article? Did the authors discuss issues of validity concerning their measures? Where you satisfied with their explanation? Why or why not? What issues of validity in this article concern you?


Using a 5-point Likert scale (similar to the one in Figure 10.3 on page 259 in your text), develop 10 survey questions that would measure the concept of police professionalism. In a separate paragraph, explain the validity of these measures.


Choose a criminal justice example from your agency or occupation. Using this example, discuss how the ecological fallacy would occur. Include in your discussion what steps can be taken to avoid the ecological fallacy.

Executive Decision 5.

Go to the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts (IALEIA) Web site at THIS LINK. At the top, click on "Resources and Publications," then on "Links." Click on "Reports." Then select and read one or two reports. Next, go to the Bureau of Justice Assistance National Criminal Intelligence Sharing Plan web page at THIS LINK. Skip the intro, select "Resource Library." Select and read one publication from the list. These web sites provide information on the best practices for establishing and maintaining an intelligence led policing (ILP) unit/department. As the Chief/Sheriff of your agency/county, outline the steps you would take to convert your existing crime analysis and crime mapping unit into an intelligence led policing (ILP) unit/department. Be sure to give special attention and detail in your plan to the concepts you learned in chapters 12 and 13 (data collection, data management, and data analysis).

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[Solved] Validity, Scaling, Data Management and Statistics

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1. Topic Summary In the research, job variety, the awfulness of the job and role strain were examined. It is clear that one actual but unusual characteristic of occupied in corrections is that the work is really reflected to be dangerous. To define dangerousness is the opinion of the employee (Cullen et al., 1985). Also, job stress results in limited levels of job satisfaction as well as organizational commitment. The study focusing on sources of work stress among correctional staff looks entirely on stressors related to work environment with the exception of work-family quarrels and support slowing from an external institution. This is also a problem since factors beyond the environment of the institution is associated with correctional staff role and responsibilities that influence stress among employees (Cullen et al., 1985). Employees/staff performance is important to the persistence of correctional institutions. Due to this, much pragmatic attention has been focused on studying the sources and impacts of their attitudes together with behaviors. The recent research enlarges the body of know-how by studying the factors that describe three main occupational attitudes which include job stress, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment. Furthermore, using survey data collected from a large city correctional system in Florida, the research evaluates the outcome of main demographic, job as well as firm features within and across prison staff attitudes concerning job stress, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment. In this study, it is clear that the more influential predictors of each of this defiance are a job and organizational traits (Triplett, Mullings & Scarborough, 1996) Even if the stress sources examined are exterior to the correctional institution, they are also associated with individual’s job which influences job stress. The research pursues to advance the measurement of perceived occupational prestige (POP) to comprise of alleged beliefs of family and friends, local people, neighbors and general population together with the media (Treiman, 1977). In the independent variables, the most study which evaluates occupational reputation asks the respondent to rank professions in fewer dimensions, for instance, education and income (Goyder & Frank, 2007). In most part of the study, these scores appear from valuations by individuals employed in jobs other than the job being ranked. For dependent variable, stress was examined in both attitudinal and health self-report measure. The attitudinal measure of stress used by Crank et al. (1995) and Cullen et al. (1985) was recommended to evaluate job stress among the staffs. Once the dependent variables are recessed level data and the dependent variable, stress is usually spread, the recent study takes multivariate Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) deterioration models to check for the study hypothesis. This regression model permits for an evaluation of the connection between the key independent and dependent variables while adjusting for vital factors that are hypothetically significant to our models, such as role strain and job danger (Cullen, 1985). In key variables, it was discovered that there was a significant difference in both independent and the dependent variables. The mean and median were similar to each other for every variable which proposed that the variables were spread generally. All keys had a Cronbach’s alpha value higher than 60 the level that is generally perceived as suitable (Gronlund, 1981). Furthermore, a major factor exploration for each suppressed variable was conducted. Particularly, the items for a certain index was entered into a feature analysis by major axis factoring, a variety of test for hypothesis validity (Gorsuch, 1983). By means of a qualitative method with interviews of officers would provide a higher understanding of the connections available. The research prolonged upon the measure of stress usually used in this line of study by adding a self-report code of h...
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Validity, Scaling, Data Management and Statistics

1. Topic Summary In the research, job variety, the awfulness of the job and role strain were examined. It is clear that one actual but unusual characteristic of occupied in corrections is that the work is really reflected ...
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