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The paper gave information on sodium content for various types of foods

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The paper gave information on sodium content for various types of foods. Twenty-six tomato catsups were analyzed. Data consistent with summary quantities given in the paper are shown in the table. Compute the values of the quartiles and the interquartile range.

Sodium content (mg/kg)

12,146 10,426 10,912 9116 13,226 11,663

11,781 10,680 8457 10,788 12,605 10,591

11,040 10,815 12,962 11,644 10,047 10,476

10,108 12,353 11,776 11,092 11,673 8758

11,145 11,495

1st quartile

3rd quartile

Interquartile range

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[Solved] The paper gave information on sodium content for various types of foods

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The paper gave information on sodium content for various types of foods

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