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AMMYS Assessment tools Human Resources MRevision

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You are the new HR manager of a national transport company. The transport company has recently updated its five year strategic plan.

After reviewing the new strategic plan, you obtain this information:

§  The organization owns a fleet of trucks, cars, ships and planes which it uses to transport goods including food, grocery items and mail throughout Australia

§  The organization plans to move into the Pacific and Asia region within three years; once this occurs, it will be expected that goods will be transported within and between all countries

§  Currently, most customers telephone the organization to request its services

§  If customers want an update on where their goods are, employees in the administration department review paperwork and make telephone calls to those responsible for transporting the goods

§  Customers of the organization are becoming more reliant on technology; within three years, the organization plans to offer an online service for booking and tracking goods to be transported

§  The community is becoming more concerned with safety, and the organization is hoping to use its safety record as a competitive advantage

§  The lease on the organization’s main business premises used for administration in the centre of Sydney is soon to expire, and the organization will be moving its headquarters to Adelaide, where rent is cheaper

§  Findings from a recent survey indicate that those customers who deal with long-term employees are more satisfied; the organization plans to reduce employee turnover by 10% each year of the strategic plan’s operation


Analyse the information from the strategic plan and review the external business environment to determine what, if any, impact it will have on HR requirements.  (200–300 words)



1.       Why should HR professionals consult line and senior managers about human resources needs in their areas? Provide at least five reasons.

2.       You are the HR manager of an organization which operates 16 fast food outlets. Design a detailed 3–4 page questionnaire you could use to seek information from the managers of each outlet to determine their human resources needs.

a.       What are the most significant actions HR can take to help you meet your business goals?

b.      What should HR be doing that it is not doing now?

c.       What is HR doing now that it should not be doing?

1.       Your organization understands the need for a diverse workforce. It also understands that those organizations who are serious about achieving diversity will have a diversity policy in place. Explain how would you review organization requirements for a work force Diversity? (1–2 pages)


§  You (the very busy HR manager) flying to Perth for the length of the project. Once there, you will obtain assistance from two junior HR employees to deliver appropriate HR products and services.

§  Retaining a Perth-based external human resources agency to deliver the HR services which will be required.

§  Assigning a manager from the Perth office to deliver the human resources services. The manager has no HR qualifications or experience, but is well-liked and very knowledgeable about the process which will be used to review, scan and index the documents.

1.       What are the HR services and products that need to be delivered? (30–40 words)

2.       You have decided to analyse the options in terms of risk and to weigh up the costs and benefits of the options.

a.       Continue utilising the services of the external provider.

b.      Employ a manager and four people with HR expertise to provide HR services internally.

c.       Retrain six current administrative employees without HR expertise to provide HR services internally under the supervision of a partner of the accounting firm with an interest in HR.

3.       Which option do you think would be least likely to allow the organization to comply with its legal obligations and which option you think would be most likely to deliver a service which complies with organizational policies. Explain why. ( 50 to 100 words)

1.       You are the HR manager of a large shire council (local government area). The council has adequate funding for HR services delivered by a dedicated HR department.

1.       What are eight of the aspects of the position description used to document the responsibilities of a HR worker that


Explain the difference between qualitative and quantitative information that might be gathered to evaluate the organization’s human resources service delivery. (150–200 words)


  1. Describes the reasons why managers might be resistant to change.
  2. Describes signs that a manager is resisting change.
  3. Provides some strategies which could help to overcome resistance to change.


1.       You work as a HR manager for an organization that provides aged care facilities.

a.       Junior employees within the HR department consider that one of their colleagues, Liza, makes no effort to do her share of work. Becoming annoyed, the other employees now refuse to let Liza do work they have begun and they do not pass on useful information which could help her complete required tasks more easily. Whilst they do not refuse to give Liza anything she requires to undertake her role, they simply do not provide further information which could assist.

b.      A female employee called Joey asks whether her partner, who is also female, can attend a cocktail party for residents and employees of the aged care facility. The function is intended to promote communication between employees and the very conservative residents. If Joey’s partner was male, he would have been invited. Joey’s manager says her partner cannot come.

c.       An employee called Yudi has been chosen to be on the selection committee to determine upcoming promotions. The head of the committee has decided that it will meet on Friday afternoons. Yudi is Jewish. As part of his employment contract, he begins and ends work early on Fridays to ensure he is home in time for Sabbath. When he explains this to the head of the selection committee he is told that as he will not be able to fulfil his duties, another committee member will be chosen in his place.

d.      Your colleague has been counselling a long-term employee who has been displaying strange behaviour. Your colleague reports that they are concerned the employee might have a mental illness which needs medical intervention. The employee’s husband, too, is concerned, and telephones your colleague to seek information which will help him decide what to do next. Your worried colleague provides it.

2.       Make a list of 15–20 documents or forms that would support the recruitment, selection and/or induction policies and procedures in an organization.

1.       List three technological applications that can improve efficiency and effectiveness of the recruitment and selection process.




You have been asked to determine the future human resource needs for your organization. List at least eight things you might take into consideration when doing this.

1.       You are involved in the recruitment process to hire a receptionist for your organization. Why might it be necessary to develop and use appropriate person and position descriptors when doing this? (200 words)

2.       List and discuss at least three strategies that might be followed to ensure that appropriate job specifications and person descriptions are available for recruitment purposes.

  1. You have been tasked with placing an advertisement for a vacant position.  What are the two most important legal aspects that you must address when doing this? (40–50 words) 6.4
  2. When might it be necessary to utilise a recruitment and selection specialist? (100–150 words)

1.       You want to send timely responses out to all unsuccessful candidates at the conclusion of the recruitment process. A colleague tells you that you are causing unnecessary work for yourself. What reasons would you give them for doing this? (100 words)

2.       You have chosen a preferred candidate for a job. Why is it important to ensure that a job offer and contract of employment be executed promptly? (100 words)

1. List 10 possible signs the induction process is meeting its objectives.

2.What feedback could you obtain from participants and relevant managers on the extent to which the induction process is meeting its objectives? (200 words)

1.       Choose either the delivery of HR client services or recruitment services. Provide a description of your chosen service area, including a list of services which can be delivered in that area and the aims or purpose of your chosen service area.

2.       Explain how the bank’s strategic and operational plans would be used to develop and manage human resources services.

3.       Explain how what is happening in the external business environment might affect the development and management of human resources services.

4.       Explain how you would manage diversity.

5.       Develop a client needs assessment form which could be distributed to line managers to identify their needs in your chosen HR service area.

6.       Describe the requirements of legislation which applies in your chosen area and explain how you can ensure those requirements are met.

7.       Develop a service agreement for the delivery of human resources services in your chosen area.

8.       Develop an action plan/ strategic plan that could be used to implement HR services in your chosen area.

9.       Develop a set of quality assurance standards that might be used to monitor the delivery of human resources services. What would you do if it were determined that quality standards were not being met?

10.   Explain how you would calculate the ROI of providing human resource services.

11.   Create a written survey that could be used to collect feedback from clients about their satisfaction with the services in your chosen area. (Use business technology if possible. If not, explain how business technology could have helped to make the process more efficient and how it could have assisted in the information management and planning process.) Explain how you would use this feedback.


12.   Describe the ethical obligations relating to your chosen service area which HR managers should observe.

§  comply with policy and procedural requirements

§  develop and use current position descriptors and person specifications

§  are given the training needed to help them perform well in the role/s

§  advertisevacant positions in compliance with organizational policy and legal requirements

§  follow selection proceduresthat accord with organizational policy and legal requirements

§  execute job offers and contracts of employment promptly 

§  provide all new appointments with accurate advice about salary, terms and conditions

§  follow appropriate induction procedures

§  manage probationary employees and provide them with feedback until their employment is confirmed or terminated...

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[Solved] AMMYS Assessment tools Human Resources MRevision

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AMMYS Assessment tools Human Resources MRevision

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