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BSBMGT516 Hospitality and Management Assessment 3

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BSBMGT516 Hospitality and Management Assessment 3

Short Answer Questions

Question 1

Identify at least 10 possible causes of workplace conflict. Do not restrict your answer to those examples provided in the text.

Question 2

Identify five behavioural signs that a person is going to become violent or threaten the personal safety of others in a conflict situation.

Question 3

Identify at least 15 behaviours that should be used/ demonstrated when negotiating.

Question 4

Explain what the role of mediators is in assisting with conflicts.

Question 5

Explain the difference between hearing and active listening. Why is active listening important when managing conflict?

Question 6

Identify three characteristics an organisation’s conflict resolution process should have.



Short Answer Questions

Question 1

Explain the fundamental differences between formal and informal complaint procedures.

Question 2

Choose three pieces of legislation that relate to diversity in the workplace. Summarise each piece of legislation including the objects of each Act and explain what an organisation can do to comply with the legislation.



Short answers questions


Question 1

What does the role of a manager involve? Identify 13 points.

Question 2

What are the five basic expectations that management will have of their employees in the workplace?

Question 3

What four things can an effective performance management system provide for the individual development of staff?

Question 4

Explain the features of six different leadership styles.

Question 5

Give 10 examples of how a leader can provide open and supportive communication.

Question 6

What 11 characteristics does effective leadership revolve around?

Question 7

Explain the characteristics of effective teams and how regular team reviews can help deal with potential team problems.

Question 8

How does the theory of motivation apply to the management of individuals and teams, how can a manager motivate their people and what are the tangible benefits of motivating employees through recognising their performance?

Question 9

Explain the role that group dynamics plays in successful team management and the development of a healthy people-centred workplace culture.

Question 10

Provide 10 examples of reward and recognition systems that are applicable to leading a team of staff.

Question 11

Explain how information sharing about organisational plans and planning processes can improve business operations.



Short answer questions

Question 1

Explain why work organisation and planning methods appropriate to the industry sector are necessary.

Question 2


    • the leadership function
    • management roles and responsibilities
    • operations functions

Question 3

List five systems or procedures that support work operations in the hospitality sector.

Question 4

What are some of the concepts of quality assurance and how would quality management/ control or assurance be managed and implemented in the workplace?

Question 5

Describe some of the sustainability considerations for frontline operational management. Conduct independent research if necessary.

Question 6

What is time management and how does it help leaders and managers plan work?

Question 7

List five principles for delegation. Explain why you should refrain from interfering once you have delegated a task to a worker.

Question 8

Managers and supervisors require effective problem-solving and decision-making processes and techniques so they can apply them to workplace issues. List at least 10 issues that might require effective problem-solving in the hospitality, tourism or travel industry.

Question 9

In the hospitality industry it is necessary that managers and supervisors understand the industrial or legislative issues that affect the work organisation and are appropriate to the industry sector. List at least 10 of these issues that managers must be aware of.


Portfolio 1


1.      Why are performance management systems necessary and how do you think performance appraisals contribute to performance and to productivity in an organisation?

2.      What steps might be taken if it is necessary to follow-up performance appraisals?

3.      Why is it necessary to provide employees with regular, consistent and constructive feedback, and if performance issues are identified, how might they be documented and who might it be necessary to advise? How can this help staff development?

4.      Identify and describe ten strategies you can use to manage your time, performance, and behaviour in the work environment.

5.      If you wish to work as a manager you will need appropriate skills and qualifications. Make a list of at least six management development activities you can participate in that would be helpful and useful.


6.      Explain how you can use policies and procedures to make sure you comply with an organisation’s expectations in relation to managing day-to-day tasks and following best practice.

7.      What are learning style preferences?

8.      List five strategies you can use to maximise your time and performance, and provide a brief description of each strategy.

9.      Describe the relationship between emotionally effective leaders and their ability le to inspire workers to attain business objectives? Provide at least three reasons.

10.  Explain the use of emotional intelligence in the context of building workplace relationships by managing stress/ conflict.

11.  Outline one relevant piece of legislation from any level of government that affects business operation, especially in regard to work health and safety (WHS), environmental issues, equal opportunity, industrial relations and anti-discrimination and explain how these are relevant to managing effective workplace relationships.

12.  Teams can actually work against each other if they are not managed well. List at least four tactics that will help the teams within an organisation work cohesively.

13.  If you were appointed the leader for a newly established team, describe how you would gain consensus and ensure that all members of the team knew what they had to accomplish.

14.  Describe 10 principles or strategies for handling/ resolving team conflict. 

Portfolio 2


Case Study Part A

ABC Hotel provides exclusive hotel services. The organisation is committed to:


-          Offer innovative product solutions and meet the changing needs of customers

-          Providing high quality services to customers

-          Deliver great customer service

-          Employing professional and enthusiastic staff

-          Undertaking continuous improvement processes

-          Please outline the team purpose, roles, responsibilities and accountabilities in accordance with organisational goals, plans and objectives. This should be appropriate to distribute to team members to establish a common understanding.

2.         Use the below work plan template and prepare a work plan for your team members. Here is a list of the typical duties that team performs:

3.         ABC Hotel currently has a formal feedback process. Senior managers feel this form is not appropriate to provide feedback to team members that encourages, values and rewards individual and team efforts and contributions. Outline what leadership techniques and strategies you would use to provide continuous feedback and encourage, value and reward members of your team.


4.         Explain how you will facilitate a two-way flow of information on team performance issues between your team and senior management.

5.         ABC Hotel expect all managers and leaders to lead by example. Outline how you will ensure your own contribution to the work team serves as a role model for others and enhances the organisation’s image for all stakeholders.

6.         Please use the self-reflection survey below and identify your own emotional strengths and weaknesses, stressors, emotional states and triggers and gathering feedback from your assessor.

7.         Create your own personal development plan in accordance with ABC Hotel’s organisational plans and policies that outlines your:

8.         Explain how to use business technology to create and use systems to processes to organise and prioritise tasks and commitments.



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[Solved] BSBMGT516 Hospitality and Management Assessment 3

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Hospitality and Management Assessment 3 Instructions Please respond to all the following questions. You can write your answers under each question directly. You might have to undertake the appropriate research to answer these questions. SITXCOM005 - MANAGE CONFLICT Short Answer Questions Question 1 Identify at least 10 possible causes of workplace conflict. Do not restrict your answer to those examples provided in the text. Causes of workplace conflict might include: different way of looking at the world differing values differing styles of communication differing attitudes unhealthy competition between individuals or teams dissatisfaction with the team direction a perception that the team is not acknowledging the skills or needs of the individual unclear definition of responsibility or role conflict competition for limited resources conflicts of interests poor communication people not knowing what is expected of them poor product/ service lack of sharing of information disputes about a specific item, issue or occurrence personality clashes people gossiping about each other poor leadership a feeling that one is doing more work than others Question 2 Identify five behavioural signs that a person is going to become violent or threaten the personal safety of others in a conflict situation. Common signs of behavioural changes which might lead to aggression or violence include: being tense and agitated using a raised voice providing abrupt replies muscular tension in the face and limbs d...
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