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Jane parks at the same meter every day she goes to work

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Jane parks at the same meter every day she goes to work. Lately she has been getting parking tickets because the time has expired on the meter. She has been putting in the same amount of money but feels that she has been getting less time on the meter. Before she complains to the city, she decides to collect some data to try to convince the city to fix the meter. One quarter is supposed to give her 2 hours or 120 minutes. Assume that standard deviation = 10.5 minutes. After timing the meter for 25 working days, she finds that the meter expires after a mean of 110 minutes At the 0.01 level of significance, would Jane be able to convince the city that the meter is broken?

a) what is the research problem?

b) State null and alternate hypothesis

c) Is this a one or two-tailed test? why?

d) what is the critical value?

e) what is the decision rule?

f) calculate the statistic?

g) what is your decision regarding null hypothesis and why?

h) interpretation of results?

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[Solved] Jane parks at the same meter every day she goes to work

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Jane parks at the same meter every day she goes to work

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