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NURS 4325 KNOWLEDGE Check #1 Summer 2019

NURS 4325 KNOWLEDGE Check #1 Summer 2019

I got 92%

A nursing research student is evaluating a research framework that is explicitly started in a research article.   All of these statements describe the purpose of a research framework EXCEPT:


                it is tested within the study.


                it links the findings of the study back to nursing's body of knowledge.


                to guide the selection of the inferential statistics.


                to guide the development of a study.

The concept of causality would be important in which of the following research designs?








                Time dimensional

Which of the following types of studies is considered a qualitative study?









A friend asks you to explain the difference between a conceptual definition and an operational definition of anxiety. You help her to understand these concepts by providing her with the following operational definition of anxiety.


                An overwhelming feeling of uneasiness


                A score above 40 on the Anxiety Inventory


                Discomfort at the highest level


                A sense of fear

The purpose of an institutional review board (IRB) is to:


                review the costs associated with an institutional study.



                determine the appropriate journals for publication of the study.


                determine the extent to which human rights will be protected in a study.


                critique the research methods of a study.

A research hypothesis:


                defines the theoretical framework for the study


                is used to determine relationships in a study


                predicts the expected results or outcomes of the study


                clarifies the gap in the literature in the study

Nursing students in a research course are learning about problem statements.  To be considered researchable, a problem must:


                be a clear, concise statement of the specific goal or focus of the study.


                be clearly defined as the gap in knowledge.


                deal with patient outcomes rather than social issues.


                include an ethical dimension.


A nursing student is reading a study with an experimental research design.  Which one of the following is a necessary requirement for experimental designs?




                Convenience sample


                Manipulation of the independent variable


                Comparison of naturally occurring groups

A nursing student is planning to conduct a review of the literature for a research study.  One of the main purposes of conducting a review of the literature is to:


                discover an instrument for data collection that has been used many times.


                give the researcher insight into what data analysis techniques should be used.


                determine existing knowledge on the topic.


                help select an optimum sample size.

Which of the following study designs focuses on finding a cause and effect relationship among variables, but uses a lower level of control?









A conceptual definition of a variable is


                also considered to be the intervention.


                the systematic investigation of relationship.


                defined in the review of literature.


                influencing the selection of the sample.

A questionnaire has an ID number in one corner that allows the research team to identify the subject. This is an example of:




                informed consent.




                right to privacy.

Identify the independent variable in the following hypothesis: "Cancer patients who receive music therapy complain less frequently of pain and require less pain medication than cancer patients not receiving music therapy."


                Relaxation therapy


                Complaints of pain


                Pain medication use


                Music therapy

A nurse researcher wants to design a study that looks at the relationship between two variables.  She is considering an experimental research design.



One example of a research population with diminished autonomy (vulnerability) would be:


                college students.


                mentally ill patients.


                middle-aged women.


                members of a senior citizen center.



Common practice for in-text citations for a single author using APA style includes:


                (author last name, first initial, year of publication)


                (author last name, year of publication)


                (author last name, first name, page number)

If a researcher wants to understand what it is like to undergo chemotherapy from the patient's perspective of their lived experience, the study design is:




                historical research




                quantitative descriptive

A researcher designs a study as a quantitative descriptive study.  Which of the following would NOT typically be part of the research methodology for the study?


                Describing a causal effect between the variables.


                Using valid and reliable instruments.



                Clear conceptual definition of study variables.


                Finding a representative sample.

Which of the following questions is important to ask when determining the significance of the research problem?


                What will it cost to complete the study?


                Is there an available pool of subjects?


                Does the researcher have the necessary expertise?


                Will the findings influence nursing practice?

In APA format, which one of these statements is not true about the references page:



                The name of the journal should be italicized and major words should be capitalized.


                A digital object identifier (DOI) or website for the journal article referenced should be placed at the end of every journal article reference if available.


                References should be placed in alphabetical order by author last name.


                The title of the references page is Bibliography, and should be centered at the top if the page and not in bold font.

A nurse researcher is planning his problem statement for his correlational study.  He knows it should include the:


                research design and approach for obtaining consent.


                variables and type of subjects desired for the study.


                setting and statistics that will be used.


                theoretical framework and measuring tools to be used.

Which of the following would be considered to be a research hypothesis?


                Were there improvements in outcome data in caregivers' level of heart failure caregiving burden, confidence and preparedness in providing heart failure home care?


                The participants will decrease tobacco consumption at the end of the intervention compared to baseline.


                Study aims were to determine the risk of breast feeding cessation over time.


                What was the state of the art of medicine and nursing regarding childhood malnutrition in the late 19th and early 20th century?

Subjects who volunteered to receive an experimental treatment for pancreatic cancer are educated about essential study information, assessed for understanding of this information, and asked to willingly participate in the research study. This process is known as:



                informed consent




                institutional review



A nurse planning a research project wants to know more about their sample.  Which of the following would be considered a demographic variable?


                Pain intensity


                Socioeconomic status


                Heart rate


                Oral temperature

A nurse hypothesizes that the presence of social support from family affects the pain perception of hospitalized patients. What is the dependent variable in this hypothesis?

Pain perception

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NURS 4325 KNOWLEDGE Check #1 Summer 2019 I got 92% A nursing research student is evaluating a research framework that is explicitly started in a research article. All of these statements describe the purpose of a research framework EXCEPT: it is tested within the study. it links the findings of the study ...
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