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Discussion 1: Looking Ahead (D1–W8) & Discussion 2: Reflection (D2–W8)
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DDBA 8581 Week 8 Discussion Board Question 1 & 2


Week 8: Evaluation and Executive Selection


The strategic plan for any organization should be periodically reevaluated for currency. External conditions that affect the organization may change. Legislation, competitors, and other factors may change as well. Succession plans also require updating to ensure they are still viable and effective. Consider the scenario of unexpected departures of key personnel, especially if a succession plan has not had time to mature. HR may face choices such as promoting an executive who is not fully groomed for a role or seeking an outside candidate for a key position. Each choice may involve challenges or opportunities that must be considered in haste.


Discussion 1: Looking Ahead (D1–W8)


HR managers must stay abreast of changes in the profession. Historically, HR was the personnel department, but incremental changes have resulted in HR being seen as a strategic business partner. Future changes likely will continue to challenge the HR profession to continue its metamorphosis. What will the future bring?


By Day 3 of Week 8


Respond to the following:


In looking forward, how might changes in the business environment (diversity, virtual teams, globalization, etc.) affect succession plans? How might HR plan for these possible changes?


Discussion 2: Reflection (D2–W8)


Reflect upon key lessons derived from this course, in content, discussion, and opposing views. Consider how you might synthesize lessons learned into action plans as an HR leader.


By Day 5 of Week 8


Respond to the following:


Explain how you might plan for future staffing needs. Describe how your viewpoints on succession planning have changed as a result of this course, and why. Explain how to determine whether to hire a new CEO from within the organization or from outside. Explain a method to evaluate a succession plan. If you were the HR manager for the organization you chose for your course project, how might you integrate the information you have learned in this seminar into a philosophy of succession planning?


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