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AB 204 Unit 6 Assignment

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PART 1: Comparing Long-Run Economic Growth Rates of Countries

Use the electronic library and databases to conduct research to identify the key factors that determine long term economic growth. You can find the most up-to-date reports on the economic growth trends of different countries under the World Bank website linked below.

Please also refer to the Webliography in the course web page for additional information on the researches done on economic issues.

After you have conducted research and read the items listed above, access the “Data & Research” tab in the World Bank website and compare growth rates between two countries of your choice. Specifically, select one advanced economy (such as U.S., Germany, etc.), and select one developing economy (such as Angola, Bangladesh, etc.).

Download their data for major economic indicators (2005–2013) such for the real GDP growth (annual %). Then identify and describe possible factors that may explain the differences between the GDP growth rates and long term economic growth of the advanced and developing economies for the countries you selected.

**Somalia does not participate in the bond market, commercial banking or lending, net domestic credit, and there is also no cash surplus. The United States however does participate in all these which is why the GDP is higher and also why it has a great investment market. The difference between these factors is there is not depth in the country Somalia when it comes to investing as a whole. It is basically land with no structure for the work force. Currently the regime in charge has no order and this would explain why the development of this country has slowed if not stopped.

PART 2: Loanable Funds Market

  1. Examine each of the following scenarios in the market for loanable funds. Explain the impacts on private savings, private investment spending, and the rate of interest under each of the following events. Assume the economy is autarky (closed) and it does not have trade and capital transactions (flows) with foreign countries.
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[Solved] AB 204 Unit 6 Assignment

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Economic growth is essential to increasing the standards of living for the members of a society. This ...
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AB 204 Unit 6 Assignment

Economic growth is essential to increasing the standards of living for the members of a society. This concept can be measured through the GDP of a country which is based on productivity or, “the quantity of goods and servic...

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