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MANAGEMENT BSB51915R2 / LA019818 Assessment 2 BSBWHS501 Ed 2/ a) Write a policy (one page) for this

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a) Write a policy (one page) for this organisation, clearly outlining the organisation's commitment to WHS and those responsible for ensuring compliance.

BSBWHS501: Assessment 2 What you have to do
The focus of the first assessment was an establishment of a WHS/OHS management
system. In this assessment you will research implementation of Health and Safety
management system in an organisation. Please answer the questions in full and where
appropriate place the document in Appendix.
Your answer should be around 2000 words in length not counting Bibliography and
. Task
Case Study
A major insurance company has merged with another company’s Call Centre employing 120
personnel on a rotating three shift basis. The Call Centre is located in the CBD of a major
city. The Call Centre has been run down in terms of equipment and support facilities before
the merger.
a) Write a policy (one page) for this organisation, clearly outlining the organisation’s
commitment to WHS and those responsible for ensuring compliance.
b) Describe the structure of WHS management system most appropriate for this
c) Describe what financial and human resources would be necessary to support and
maintain a viable WHS system covering the three shifts.
d) Explain the suitable method for consultation to comply with legislation.
e) Attach a flowchart for issue resolution as per relevant legislation
f) Explain three (3) possible indicators which could be used to measure and evaluate
WHS performance g) Develop a WHS induction checklist for all workers in the company.
h) Develop an outline of WHS training for managers/supervisors/team leaders and
employees. LA019818 Assessment 2 BSBWHS501 Ed 2

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[Solved] MANAGEMENT BSB51915R2 / LA019818 Assessment 2 BSBWHS501 Ed 2/ a) Write a policy (one page) for this

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WORK HEALTH AND SAFETY POLICY General policy The work health and safety of all workers in the firm, includ...
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