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UNIV 104 English Assessment Liberty University Complete Answers
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UNIV 104 English Assessment Liberty University Complete Answers

The below shown questions is just one version sample.
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· Question 2


Elizabeth Gaskell's nineteenth-century novel North and South draws an extended contrast between the attractive southern countryside of Britain with the grimy factory towns in the north.






· Question 3



Because the bamboo plant on which the panda feeds is now scarce, naturalists are worried about theirchances of survival.


on which

is now scarce



· Question 4



Even after having prepared in the most thoroughest manner, Mark did not feel confident that his presentation would be successful.


Even after

most thoroughest

confident that

would be

· Question 5



Frank was very good at planning practical jokes; the joke he played on Alice and I was particularlyclever.


at planning

he played



· Question 6



Because the public-address system was not working proper, only the people who were sitting in the front of the auditorium could hear the speaker clearly.


was not working



could hear

· Question 7



Shoppers hunting for low prices will be able to find them at this sale; however, he or she should do some comparison shopping first in order to recognize the true bargains.


hunting for

he or she


in order to

· Question 18



Select the best wording of the underlined part of the sentence. If you think the original sentence is best, choose answer A. Unfortunately, the already hard-pressed farmers were plagued once again by spring flooding,midsummer drought, and early frost.


midsummer drought, and early frost

with midsummer drought, and the early frost

then there was midsummer drought and early frost

followed by midsummer drought and early frost after that

· Question 20



In a free market economy, which of the protections would the government NOT offer?


Protecting personal property

Protecting individuals' trade interests abroad

Protecting against force

Protecting against fraud

· Question 21



Which of these terms or ideas do you NOT need to understand ahead of time to be able to comprehend the meaning of this passage?


Government intervention

Supply and demand

Free market economics

Force and fraud

· Question 23



What is the solution Paul gives in this passage to the problem he discusses?


He thinks the law should be abolished.

He trusts Jesus to deliver him.

He is waiting for death, when the battle will be over.

Whatever bad he does, he blames on the sin in him; therefore, he doesn't feel guilty anymore.

· Question 27



Identify the topic sentence of the paragraph:


It is then I realize, even in the valley of the shadow of death I find peace; the hand of God has painted a magnificent sunset just for me.

The brisk draft runs farther down my spine as I hear the eerie prayers shouted from rooftop to rooftop.

The foreboding city of Baghdad brings chills of fear that are only penetrated by its transcendent sunsets.

In the distance, beyond the menace, an exquisite array of colors pierces my doubts.

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UNIV 104 English Assessment Liberty University Complete Answers
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The above essay uses which mode of writing? Selected Answer: Argumentation In a revision of the 1st paragraph, which is preferable and provides all the information for combining the first two sentences? Selected Answer: Couples should understand when they marry that entering the sacred institution is holy (X) Question 1: Multiple Choice Even after having prepared in the most thorough...
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