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UNIV 104 Preview 1 Liberty University Complete Answers
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UNIV 104 Preview 1 Liberty University Complete Answers

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Question 1

This module/week introduces you to critical writing.

Question 2

How many assignments must you complete in this first module/week?

Question 3

Careful academic reflection can fuel your growth in understanding and learning, so it is important to avoid rushing through assignments.

Question 4

According to the overview presentation, the “problem” of education begins with determining how to get from this course to graduation. Why is this course an important first step?

Question 5

This module/week’s Reading & Study folder includes textbook readings, presentations, and links to websites to review.

Question 6

If you assume you can read one chapter of your Breaking Ground textbook in an hour, how much time do you need to allow for the reading assignment?

Question 7

If you need approximately 15 minutes to review a presentation in the course, how much time should you set aside to complete viewing this module/week’s presentations?

Question 8

Which of the following are learning outcomes for this module/week? Choose all that are correct.

Question 9

What version of the textbook does this course require?

Question 10

The main tasks/topics of this module/week’s assignments include which of the following? Choose all that are correct.

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UNIV 104 Preview 1 Liberty University Complete Answers
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